Cloudflare wants to end, with Turnstile, annoying captchas

cloudflare wants do away with the annoying captchas used by some websites to verify that whoever accesses them is a human and not a robot, for which is going to launch a new captcha model which does not test the user, but their browser. The company has given it the name of Turnstile, and it has been designed to avoid us having to make those annoying clicks on images that represent traffic lights, bridges or traffic signs to verify that we are people. According to Cloudflare, it takes about 32 seconds on average to do so, and with this new system the time spent on verification can drop to just one second.

Turnstile is therefore presented as an alternative to captcha «user-friendly and privacy-preserving«. Instead of offering a visual puzzle to users, what Turnstile does is to apply one of several browser challenges, which seek to identify human behavior, and which is more complicated if a visitor shows behaviors that are considered not to do the right thing. humans.

This new captcha system uses JavaScript-based challenges that look for signals in the browser environment that indicate a person is entering the web. To do this, they use work and space tests, and you also check the web APIs. It also uses machine learning models to compare previous challenges that have been successful with new ones, speeding up the identification process.

For now, Turnstile is available but in testing phase, and its use is free. In addition, it is not necessary that whoever wants to use it has to use other Cloudflare web services. There is also no need to send traffic over your network. Its installation process, which Cloudflare details on its website, involves replacing the JavaScript of the captcha used up to the moment of the change with another JavaScript that calls the Turnstile API.

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