Cobra Kai integrates the battle royale, how to get the skins?

Epic Games signs a new collaboration with Netflix by integrating skins in Fortnite with the effigy of the actors of the Cobra Kai series.

The king of crossovers has struck again. Epic Games today unveils a new collaboration with a work of fiction for its game Fortnite, we named the Cobra Kai series. If today marks the official arrival of season 4 of the series on Netflix, the red N has decided to think big to celebrate his successful work. On the program, kimonos, headbands, and a good dose of colors.

Swell up your kimono to defeat your enemies

A total of 10 fighter skins have been unveiled, with female and male variations. These kimonos are available in three different colors, bearing the image of the three dojos in the series: Cobra Kai, Poisonous Eagle and Miyagi-Do. To choose the color that suits you best, go to your locker to personalize your outfit. The most attentive will also have noticed the cameo of Agent Jones as a new karateka, or the Heroine of the heron.

Now let’s talk about accessories. As with every collab, skins alone aren’t enough to set the tone. In Fortnite, everything is decorated with accessories in the colors of the works or characters represented. So with the crossover Cobra Kai, you can get your hands on the Miyagi Teachings or Cobra Coin back accessory, the Dojo Logo or Cobra Curse pickaxe, or the Crane Technique emote.

How to get Cobra Kai skins in Fortnite?

Everything is available as a pack via the in-game store of Fortnite, as with the other collaborations. As usual, the crossover will be available in a limited edition, so don’t hang around too much if you want to get your hands on it.

Soon a game mode without construction?

That could have ended the news regarding the battle royale for today. However, according to some rumors, it seems that Epic Games has planned a big novelty for the game which is expected to arrive soon. Indeed, leaks claim that a game mode without construction is already on the way, temporarily.

The HYPEX leaker, who is at the origin of this information, did not specify a date for this new mode. If this does not seem to be a great revolution, it is one for Fortnite which has precisely stood out with this feature, unique and inseparable from its brand image. Will a mode without construction therefore succeed in seducing? Nothing is less sure.

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