Code better in Visual Studio Code with these 8 amazing themes

As application development becomes easier thanks to existing platforms, more and more users are entering this interesting sector. But first of all we must look for a development environment that is reliable and comfortable enough to start working. Due to all the advantages that it offers us, one of the best known solutions of this type is Visual Studio Code.

Keep in mind that in this sense we find many solutions when generating our programming codes. In fact, we find that from the outset the main operating systems for desktop computers have their own program in the form of plain text editor. But possibly over time we realize that it is preferable to use more advanced solutions focused on these tasks. This is precisely the case of the aforementioned Visual Studio Code developed in Electron that we can use for free and without any problem. Also, it is worth knowing that we have the possibility to install extensions to this development environment.

It is worth noting that it has a multitude of functions that will be very helpful, keyboard shortcuts and features that we will gradually get used to. There is no doubt that we are facing one of the main development platforms and with greater acceptance. In addition, it has a good number of customizable parameters to adapt the project to our needs. This not only affects the functional level of the program, since we can also perform changes regarding its interface.

To give you an idea of ​​all this, we will now show you a series of themes that you can install in the editor to work in a more comfortable and productive way.

Improve the look of Visual Studio Code with these themes

As with many other software solutions, third-party developers create their own themes for change the look of the interface of a certain program. All this is something that extends to the aforementioned Visual Studio Code, so below we will talk about some of these most striking elements. Furthermore, we have to add that the vast majority of these topics are completely free and we can install them without problems in our text editor.

Dracula: this is a topic that adds darkness to the interface of the editor prioritizing certain colors.

SynthWave ’84: this other proposal is characterized by offering us a series of tones more pertinent and used in the past, but that will delight many.

Shades of Purple: As its name suggests, if you want to give Visual Studio Code a predominant purple look, this is the one for you. theme.

Andromeda: Contrary to the previous case, you can now give it a more futuristic colorful to the program interface.

Halcyon Theme: But if what you’re really looking for is a minimalist theme for Visual Studio Code, you should try this one that we propose now.

Dang! Dark: Going back to the slightly darker but simpler options, Dang! Dark is a clear example of all this.

One Dark Pro: This veteran and attractive dark theme for the editor is one of the most loved by users.

Cobalt2: we also encourage you to give it a livelier aspect to the program with Cobalt2.

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