Cofares votes to modify its statutes, which will affect pharmacies

A few weeks ago the General Assembly of Cofares was held, where the proposal to modify the statutes promoted by Edward Pastor, president at the head of the leading cooperative in pharmaceutical distribution, through which the cooperative seeks greater legal certainty for its members and limit the inflow of non-pharmaceutical capital into the sector. Specifically, 7 out of 10 members have supported this initiative by the president.

Likewise, in the Assembly, where the delegates representing the partners have met, the green light has also been given for the annual accounts of the past year, the Presidency, Treasury and Secretariat Report, as well as the General Policy of the Cooperative.

The statutory modification, which updates some statutes dated in 2002, shields the entry of non-pharmaceutical capital to the cooperative and it’s about “a necessary reform to grant legal certainty to all the members of the cooperative, while protect the pharmacy model and closes the door to non-pharmaceutical capital”as Pastor pointed out, who recalled that “we must be able to glimpse possible threats in the supply chain and adapt to the environment, which is itself changing and requires us to be prepared”.

The new text aims to guarantee that the communities of goods -association between several pharmaceutical graduates- can carry out their activity under legal certainty with the cooperative, “a situation in which 1,600 pharmacies find themselves, as well as closing the door to non-pharmaceutical capital”, Pastor pointed out. In this way, through the statutory reform, the Cooperative anticipates possible intrusions in the sector and vetoes the entry of actors outside the pharmaceutical channel.

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Cofares activity in 2021

The Cooperative closed the year 2021 with a turnover of more than 3,600 million and a market share of 29.2%, (2 percentage points more than in 2020), which has already improved this year 2022 to 29.7%, according to official data from Iqvia.

In the last year, Cofares, which brings together 11,971 membershas intensified its pharmaceutical distribution activity, managing 85,000 references and 17.4 million orders, in addition, it has increased its routes by 1.24%, reaching 2,121 and traveling more than 56 million kilometres.

The cooperative, which currently has 43 warehouses, logistics centers and platforms, continues with its logistics plan to adapt and open new centers with the aim of having a warehouse less than an hour from each pharmacy. In this way, there are projects to open 4 new centers in Linares, Ourense, Tarragona and Onda, as well as the adaptation of other warehouses in Seville, Las Palmas, Motril, Vicálvaro (Madrid), among others.

They also highlight among their plans, diversification projects, through new services for pharmacies beyond distribution and digitization for the optimization of processes and for the pharmacy to gain prominence in the digital health environment.

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