Cofidis Innolab hosts more than 70 experimentation activities in one year of life

The Laboratory for User Experience Assessment (UX) Innolab by Cofidis, has hosted more than 70 experimentation activities, in just one year, serving more than 20 companies from various European countries.

Thus, this innovation hub closes its first year of activity fulfilling its mission of speed up the launch to the market of new products and services of any company, not only those belonging to the Cofidis group. These are companies that the tests carried out at Innolab have allowed them to improve their MVP (minimum viable product), developing a prototype adapted to customer requirements and market demands.

And it is that this laboratory makes available to companies the most advanced online platforms and technologies, so that they can test their new products and services in person or remotely, and also do so with the highest level in meeting the needs of their potential consumers. In a context of crisis such as the current one, finding out what consumer satisfaction is versus a new product or service before its launch is key to assessing its profitability and its path in the market.

This space allows to observe in real time the adequacy of the projects with the needs of the clients through the latest in research methodologies and techniques based on interviews, usability tests, benchmarking, web analytics, co-creation dynamics, heuristic evaluation, surveys, focus group and test & learning.

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In short, dynamics that favor greater success in the development of business initiatives, greater agility in decision-making and, as a consequence, an acceleration of the launch of new products and services to the market. In turn, a team of Innolab UX expert takes care of the design, execution and analysis of the tests.

In the words of Anna Golsa, Director of Digital Business Experience and Marketing at Cofidis Spain: “We created Innolab with the service vocation of Cofidis DNA and with the commitment to contribute to the improvement of companies in their management practices, promoting their competitiveness in their launches of new products and services, in a pandemic context, in which profitability is essential. And after this first year of activity we are satisfied to see that we are certainly fulfilling our mission. This pushes us to continue working at Innolab to evolve it into a laboratory where, apart from testing, new trends and consumer habits of users can also be discovered ”.

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