Collect government aid of 200 and 400 euros from your PC: you only need this

It must be borne in mind that in recent weeks some interesting government aid has been made public that many of you can take advantage of. But unlike what happened a few years ago, now and thanks to Internet we will not have to stand in long queues in official buildings to request and process them. We tell you all this because we have the possibility of carrying out these tasks through the Internet from the comfort of our PC.

For all this, we are going to talk about latest help that have been made available to a multitude of citizens and how you can request and manage them from home.

Access the 400 euro cultural bonus

This is an aid especially indicated for young people that was launched a few weeks ago by the Government. The investment made and to be invested in culture is 210 million euros whose request for 400 euros can be made since last July 25. The end date of the application will be October 15 and will be made from this website.

The first thing we need to do this is to have an Internet connection that we access from the corresponding web browser, as is easy to imagine. At the same time, it is essential to turn 18 this year and have a digital certificate or a Cl@ve system. As you know, these are the elements that allow us to sign and carry out official procedures online. It must be said that these 400 euros They will be valid for 12 months.

Process the aid of 200 euros from the PC

The government recently announced an aid of 200 euros that can now be requested by fulfilling a series of requirements. This is something that we can already ask for, we are talking about the 200 euro aid check from the government, from our PC. As in the previous case, here we need a digital certificate or a Cl@ve system that we use from the Internet browser.

We must bear in mind that once we have these elements, the application process can be carried out from this website. Here we only have to specify the digital identification system that we have, and fill in the requested data. It must be said that we have the possibility of making this request until next September 30.

At the same time, once the application data has been sent, to check the status of the request, we can do it through the same website that we mentioned.

Government aid for SMEs and the self-employed

This aid has been in force for several months and is especially suitable for SMEs and the self-employed and is granted based on the size of the company. As in the previous cases that we have mentioned, this is something that we can request from our computer. With this, what is intended is help SMEs digitize their resources with the so-called digital-kit.

Depending on the number of employees we have, we can request a grant from 2,000 to 12,000 euros. In addition, it is interesting to know that we will be able to apply for the subsidy until September 12, all through this official website.

In it we will only have to fill in all the information requested for the help that we are commenting on. In the same way and to formalize the request we will also need to have a digital certificate or a cl@ve in order to officially sign the process.

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