Color Windows folders by changing their background

In older versions of Windows such as XP and Windows 7, changing the background color of the folders was very simple, and you could even set an image as its background. Later with Windows 8 and Windows 10 this task has been complicated and we must make use of third-party applications to change the background, because we can only change the default image by default. For this reason, today we are going to see how we can change the background or the default image in the folders.

How to change the background color with QTTabBar

In order to change the background color of the folders and to be able to customize the operating system in this way, we will need to use third-party applications. And it is that Windows no longer allows us to do it as in the past, which was achieved by modifying the desktop.ini file. Since Windows will not allow us to carry out this work from the system’s own settings, how can we change it? Well, for this it will be necessary to download a third-party application such as QTTabBar.

We are facing a free application that will allow us to change the background color of our folders. For this we must download it from the website of the creator of the program. Next, we unzip the downloaded ZIP file and proceed with its installation. Later we restart the system, otherwise, the different options that we are going to see below will not be activated.

Next we must open any folder in Windows File Explorer and select the “Vista” tab. Later we click on the “Options” button and a contextual menu will appear, where we will enable the toolbars “QTTabBar” and “QT Command Bar”. This will cause an additional bar to be added to our browser.

QTTabBar activate QTTabBar and QT Command Bar tools

Next, click on the gear-shaped icon, which will open the QTTabBar options. In this menu, click on the “Appearance” option in the menu on the left and on the right on the “Appearance” tab. “Folder View”. From this section we will be able to change the color of the text, the border of the folder and the background, which is what interests us. To do this, we will activate the first option called “Base background color” and its two boxes will be activated, to configure the color we want for when the window is active or inactive.

QTTabBar change window appearance

Now, we only have to select the colors that we like the most and click on «Apply» to apply the changes made. These changes will be carried out immediately and we will be able to see how from now on the new folders will have a personalized color according to the background we have chosen, achieving a more personal touch of our operating system.

Likewise, we can activate the option «Back Color» that we find in the «Navigation pane» tab, in order to give color to the side panel and even select the «Compatible Folder View» option from the menu on the left to activate the «Compatible list view style» and «Selected column background color in details », so that we achieve a higher level of customization.

QTTabBar change side panel color

As we have seen, QTTabBar is a very complete tool that will allow us to have full control over Windows customization, at least as far as File Explorer is concerned.

Customize folders

In addition to how to change the background color of a folder, we can also choose to replace the classic yellow folder design with another color, so that we can differentiate them more easily. So we can find and locate the folders in a simple way, giving them a touch of personalization.

Folder Painter, change the color of a folder quickly

Another option available to change the color of our folders is Folder Painter. We talk about a program free and portable, so it does not require any installation in the system to function. We can download it from this link to its main website. Once the zip file is downloaded, we unzip it and run the program so that the program interface appears with a main menu completely in Spanish.

If we look at the left side of the panel we have three icon packs that are included by default. Each of these packs have 14 different icons or colors. Through its use, we can personalize our folders, either with colors or also with some images. At the bottom we find the button “Install”, on which we will click so that Folder Paint is added to the Windows context menu.

Folder Painter install folder icons

Once this is done, we just have to right-click on the folder that we want to change its background. When we open the context menu we will find the option to «Change folder icon». When hovering the mouse pointer over it, a submenu automatically appears where we will find a series of colors that we can add to customize our folder. Now we only have to select the desired color and the folder will change color. If the change does not take place immediately, it will be necessary to press F5 to update the Desktop and in this way the change will be visible.

Folder Painter change folder icon

As we have seen, it is an extremely simple option to be able to customize the background of each of our folders to our liking. And as it is a portable program, we can erase it at any time without the need for changes to have been made in the system registry.

Custom Folder, personalize them with colors and emblems

We are now talking about a program to personalize our folders with different colors and emblems, so that we can forget about the classic yellow color of Windows folders and opt for other different colors and designs. To start using this application, it must be said that it can be downloaded for free and that it has both a version with installation and a portable version. Once the zip file is downloaded, we compress it. Later we right-click on the folder that we want to customize and in the context menu we select CustomFolder.

Custom Folder change folder color

Once this is done, its main menu appears where we can choose the desired color for our folder, having a wide range of colors. Once you click on the “Apply design” button, the folder will change color automatically. Later we can eliminate it or choose another color.

Custom Folder add emblems

It also has a panel of floating emblems that we can add to the folder along with the color change, so that we can take a further step towards customizing it. Once the emblem has been added, all you have to do is click on “Add” to make it part of the customization of the folder. In case we regret it, we can always undo it by pressing the cancel button.

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