Colored HomePod minis are still unavailable

HomePod mini colors

We are not clear when Apple will launch the new colored HomePod mini to the market but they are taking too long and the purchase dates are getting shorter. It is true that this may be one of those products that does not have stock problems due to the “few changes” not to say no changes to the speaker beyond the exterior color, but it is true that we should already have the first models for sale in the Apple store and we are still waiting …

The HomePod mini is a perfect Christmas gift

And it is that the adjusted price that this HomePod mini has and the carefree character that these new colors give it, we can say that this will undoubtedly be one of the star gifts for these Christmas dates. The problem may be the product stock as in the rest of Apple products and devices, although it is true that We hope this does not suffer as much as the MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, iPhone 13 and 13 Pro among others.

What is clear is that some of you are still waiting for the moment when Apple releases these new yellow, orange and blue colors in the HomePod mini. In the physical store, when you ask dates, they do not know how to tell you exactly and it is that they are logically the reflection of what the official website indicates, “during November”. We are sure that this new product will soon appear as available but an official date for its arrival is not confirmed, we will see what happens.

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