ColorWare allows you to personalize the AirPods 3 and they are luxurious

This is one of those companies that offer an interesting and neat option to personalize our favorite accessories. ColorWare has been performing these customization tasks for many years and they are capable of everything with any headset, console control, consoles as such, microphones, etc.

Surely many of you already know this website that offers the option of adding spectacular customization to our devices and even customizing them with brands or to our liking. Total we find up 64 different colors, so that we have our third generation AirPods in our desired color and stand out against whites. ColorWare customizes not only the earbuds, but the charging box for the earbuds as well.


It should be noted that the price shown on the web is because headphones must be purchased directly from ColorWare and they already come with the custom color. On the website of the ColorWare company you can create your own combinations and the truth is that we are surprised by the amount of colors they offer, from matte to brighter colors.

Really the color combinations on these third-generation AirPods are something very personal. Glossy or matte black may be your favorite color, but this opens the door to a much more personal customization for all those who want to wear more carefree colors in their headphones, even combine them in different ways, one red, one black and the charging box in another color … In addition to the finishes offered in ColorWare are more than contrasted by users so you will not have problems of any kind with this accessory customization company.

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