Colt to deploy Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange security platform for its employees

The digital infrastructure company Colt Technology Servicesand the cloud security provider zscaler have announced that the former will deploy the latter’s Zero Trust Exchange cloud security platform to all 5,000 employees it has in the 31 countries in which it has a presence.

The objective of this deployment for Colt is to get closer to its digital transformation objectives, by reducing cyber risk. In addition, with this platform, the company hopes to improve the productivity of its employees, while offering them an improved user experience. On the other hand, the company will be able to reduce the costs of having a heavy security architecture in its facilities.

The deployment of this solution is also part of Colt’s steps to boost its Flexible First strategy, focused on flexible working. Deploying Zero Trust Exchange will make it easier for the company to have a stable network gateway for secure access to applications. Whether you do it from your office or from a point outside it.

The cloud-native security platform allows secure connection to any user, device and application; regardless of where you are. It bases its reliability on the identification of users and their context. The latter includes location, devices, applications and content.

Once everything necessary for access has been identified, it creates direct and secure connections based on data protection application policies. The platform helps, on the other hand, to eliminate the attack surface of the Internet and prevent the lateral movement of threats.

Ash Surti, Vice President of Technology and Security at Colt Technology Serviceshas stressed that «to the YoLike our customers and partners, we continue our digital transformation journey with strategies that include a migration to the cloud and a permanent shift to hybrid working, but these strategies present a very real need to protect ourselves and our stakeholders against cyber threats. increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity. Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange offers unparalleled defense against these potentially devastating risks. We have built a fantastic partnership with Zscaler over the last decade, so it was a natural decision to turn to them for this crucial part of our journey.”

For his part, Blanca Galletero, Vice President of Channel and EMEA Alliances at Zscalershares that they are pleased that Colt has chosen their connectivity platform”to accelerate your transformation initiative safely. New flexible work styles and cloud workloads demand a security paradigm shift for all businesses. We look forward to continuing our long-standing collaboration by providing them with the support they need to take the next step on their exciting journey of digital transformation.”

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