Combine PDF thanks to macOS Monterey and preview

In an increasingly technical world, sheets of paper are falling out of use. and fewer and fewer photocopies are being made and fewer documents are being printed. Everything is scanned and who does not have a scanner App on the mobile or the Tablet. The result of this scan is usually PDF documents that we must then combine and for this no need for third-party programs, at least if you own the new macOS Monterey.

Combining multiple PDF files is especially useful if there are multiple documents that you know need to be routinely emailed together. If we have macOS Monterey installed on the Mac, it is easy to do this through the “preview” function and the Mac’s default PDF viewer.

We open the first PDF document in Preview and we align it on the left side of the screen. Remember that Preview is the default viewer for PDF files on macOS Monterey, But we can also right-click on the PDF file and select “Open with” and from there select “Preview”. This in case another program is set as the default for opening PDF files.

In the top menu bar, we click on «View» and then on «Miniatures«. Now is the time to open the second document through the Preview and put it on the right side. In the upper menu bar, we click again on «View» and then on «Thumbnails».

Both PDFs should have the thumbnails visible in the sidebar. Select the pages in the thumbnail bar of the second PDF that you would like to merge into the first PDF. Click and drag the pages from the second to the first PDF.

Ready!. Once you’re done, we can click and drag your PDF pages into the thumbnail sidebar to reorder them if necessary. We can select a single page, multiple pages or entire files and combine them in this way.

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