Comitas e-health starts a strategic plan in which it will invest more than three million euros

The Spanish company e-health meals, dedicated to the provision of diagnostic telemedicine services, has launched a strategic growth plan. This contemplates an investment of more than three million euros and whose objective is to bring diagnostic telemedicine to all areas of society, improving health care and the experience of patients.

The new strategy marks a new stage in the history of Comitas, driven by the entry into the company’s capital of new shareholders and by a new management team, led by Aquilino Antuña.

The plan contemplates the promotion of the traditional collaboration of Comitas with the three Armies and the opening of new markets in sectors such as public and private health, in areas such as emergency services, advanced support for diagnostic imaging services, reducing waiting lists, and remote medical care in fishing fleets and the maritime sector in general. Besides, Collaboration with mutual insurance companies and private insurance will be promotedresidences for the elderly, and in home health care.

Collaboration with large companies in sectors such as banking, energy, engineering, industry and the tourism sector will also be promoted. In parallel, Comitas e-health will promote diagnostic telemedicine services in rural areas and, especially, in the so-called emptied Spain.

mobile units

The strategic plan includes the creation of an innovative mobile diagnostic telemedicine division, which allows telemedicine services to be brought to residences and homes using medicalized mobile units that can perform diagnostic tests at the patient’s doorstep, including X-rays, ultrasound, blood tests, and skin scans, ears, eyes, etc., by equipping the unit with state-of-the-art devices.

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There are currently two mobile units in service prepared for both ultrasound and radiological tests and it is expected that by the end of 2023 Comitas will have medicalized mobile units in all the Autonomous Communities.

With this launch, Comitas e-health takes another step in its telemedicine service, a paradigm shift in the field of medical care, bringing diagnostic tests to the door of homes or residences, avoiding the transfer of patients to hospitals or health centers, and bringing medical diagnostic services closer to emptied Spain. It is not the patient who travels, but Comitas e-health provides the service at the door of the patient’s home or residence.

Mobile units have the most advanced technology in diagnostic imaging that allows to cover all the radiological needs. In addition, it has a changing room for the patient, respecting their privacy. Through an online calendar, the patient can choose the day and time they need, so that the mobile unit comes to their home. The radiological report can be downloaded together with the results of the radiodiagnostic test, within 48 hours through the web. The communication of data and images is completely secure through an encrypted data transmission system from the mobile unit to the radiology team and the patient. In the coming months, in addition to the home radiodiagnosis service, other services such as electrocardiogram, ultrasound and all types of diagnosis will be added.

The diagnostic telemedicine is revolutionizing medical care from the patient’s side. It allows medical tests to be carried out anywhere, a ship on the high seas or a remote corner of geography, and make them available for consultation with the specialist’s patient in real time for diagnosis.“, says Aquilino Antuña, CEO of Comitas e-health.

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