Commotion in England: A mother kept the mummified corpse of her 49-year-old daughter at home

A japanese family Resident in England had been accused of keeping without explanations in the corpse of one of its members at least for six weeks; however, this week a judge ruled that eThe case had to close and do not prosecute to the mother who kept the mummified body of his daughter, covered up by his other two sons.

According to the BBC, the events occurred in September 2018, when they found the lifeless body of Rina Yasutake, a 49 year old artist who apparently had died about six weeks ago. They were his mother, Michiko 77 years old, his brother Takahiro 48, and his sister Yoshika of 53, who they kept the deceased woman on the bed in her room.

Although initially they were going to face a trial for preventing the legal burial of the woman without giving any justification, just this Tuesday, November 9 the judge determined during a hearing at the York court that the case was not in the public interest, so he asked to close it and not prosecute Rina’s relatives.

The Daily Mail reports that the discovery of the body could have occurred after his brothers went to the pharmacy and the owner received a strong smell of death while both were buying high amounts of alcohol for surgical use, for which he gave notice to the authorities.

The police officers They searched the house where the brothers and their mother lived, on North Yorkshire, and they found her lifeless lying on her bed. According to local media, the causes of death of the 49-year-old woman and the reasons why her family decided not to bury her are still unknown. His death is believed to have been between August and September 2018.

Who was Rina Yasutake?

Rina studied at the Queen Mary girls boarding school Between 1980 and 1986, one of her former roommates with whom she shared a bedroom described her as a very dedicated teenager, “she was an incredible artist and a lovely girl with a bright future,” Sarah Matthews told the Daily Mail.

During his stay at the boarding school he earned a scholarship to study history, English, Latin and Greek on the Wycombe Abbey School, located in Buckinghamshire. Afterwards, it is known that he attended the University of Cambridge. In 209, a year after her death in strange conditions, Rina Yasutake was honored by her schoolmates.

As for her family, some Neighbors told the media that the woman and her two children were very quiet and lonely, and that they did not know that Rina lived with them, as they had never seen her in the city.


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