Commvault and NetApp Introduce Metallic DMaaS for Microsoft Office 365

Commvault has extended its agreement collaboration with NetApp to offer Metallic Office 365 Backup What NetApp SaaS solution for Office 365 data. With this release, the need for protection that Office 365 applications have in terms of data is solved. Both from accidental data deletion and from ransomware attacks or information corruption.

Metallic offers comprehensive Software-as-a-Service protection for all Office 365 applications, as well as unlimited storage and retention in Azure. Thanks to the built-in granular restore feature, customers can quickly and easily locate data, both active and deleted. Also recover quickly from an attack, in addition to meeting the SLA and compliance requirements of the company in question.

Developed with a focus on multi-layered security, Metallic meets the highest and most stringent security standards in enterprise environments. It incorporates Zero Trust privacy protocols and access controls. In addition, it allows you to achieve air gapped virtual backups, apart from protecting Office 365 data against data loss and threats.

With Metallic Office 365 Backup, now available in the NetApp Product Catalog, the complications of performing and managing backup copies and data protection are reduced. The tool offers easy implementation, flexible subscriptions and no maintenance and management requirements. Nor is it necessary for them to have or use hardware components to access this backup and data protection service. Nor do they install additional applications.

To use or subscribe to it, you don’t need to invest heavily, pay egress fees, or pay hidden storage charges. Customers pay only for what they need in each case and moment, which helps them control and reduce expenses.

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