Commvault presents its security tool, Metallic Security IQ

The Spanish leadership of the Commvault company held a press lunch today where they told us how they have done in the last year and make official the integration of Segurity IQ in its portfolio as a service, Metallic.

Metallic Security IQ is a unified security dashboard that provides customers with quick and meaningful insight into threats affecting data and its health in relation to the security of your backup. «A ransomware attack occurs every 11 minutes and it takes companies, on average, 19 days to regain normalcy after this type of attack«, He tells us Eulalia Flo, General Manager of Iberia de Commvault. It is more than enough reason to protect the information of our business and our customers.

With this tool as a service, Metallic customers get intuitive solutions and advanced knowledge to strengthen your data backup and recovery posture across all cloud apps, SaaS apps, endpoints, and hybrid cloud workloads. The Security IQ dashboard enables IT professionals and administrators to detect risks and vulnerabilities in real time, limit their exposure to cyber threats with zero-trust controls at scale, and make truly informed data recovery decisions, from a single location. central.

It is a reality that cybercrime and threats, in general, are increasing quickly everywhere, which makes data security one of the main concerns of companies and public administrations. Security IQ, along with Metallic’s zero trust and business security approach, provides businesses of all sizes with advanced tools to protect data, detect threats and recover from attacks, helping to reduce risk and provide continuity. of business in all your data.

The prestige of Metallic

Elisa Martinez, Metallic Cloud Sales Director of Iberia indicated that Metallic’s technology has been recognized by analysts for a decade. «Our model is transparent, with no hidden costs », indicated the board, recalling that the company has more than a quarter of a century of experience with the SaaS consumer model in technology.

Commvault has become a single partner for the entire cloud strategy of a company, and Elisa Martínez recalled that, to accelerate the economic recovery in our market, it is “Data availability essential” and, of course, your safety. In fact, for the launch and design of their solutions they have taken advantage of cloud technologies to enhance that layer of security they include.

Finally, the Spanish leadership of Commvault has highlighted its work with the distribution channel, with the aim of aligning both interests. «This has allowed us to consolidate and grow the enterprise market in Iberia and to collaborate with large integrators, both in the Public Administration and in the private sector », has commented David Benito, Channel Manager at Commvault Iberia, who has highlighted that «nur focus is to continue developing great integrators ”.

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