Companies cross their fingers: all about the possible big update to iPad OS

It is one of the eternal claims of iPad users and everything indicates that, finally, their prayers will be heard. Apple could be preparing big changes in iPadOS with the aim that they can develop more and better tasks on their devices, but which ones?

The truth is that for a long time the need to be a true multitasking device has been one of the slabs that iPad has had to bear. Nevertheless, everything can change next June 6 when the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) begins online where it is expected that, finally, its news will be discovered in this regard.

for now, everything indicates that an additional WebKit code will be incorporated to facilitate a multitasking mode and free-size windows. Or what is the same, that several windows can be opened on the iPad as well as changing its size according to the needs or tastes of the user – more or less how it can be done on a Mac.

Acclaimed developer Steve Troughton-Smith has speculated that such code could be compatible with new iPad OS devices. Which would evidence Apple’s strategy of continuing to bring the experience of iPad and Mac users closer together, while respecting the notorious differences between the two. Something similar already happened in 2021 with Apple Universal Control, which allows you to use a Mac and an iPad together with a mouse and keyboard to control both. Thanks to it, the user can drag and drop elements between devices, among other advantages.

Despite the use of Mac-class Apple Silicon M1 chips in most of the iPad lineup, it’s still early days to tell how that hefty processing power plans into iPad OS 16. Improved notifications, new ways to interact with apps, and new Apple apps are planned -as well as improvements in health applications-, as well as a platform for the future development of AR glasses.

Apple has significantly refined the multitasking experience in iPadOS in recent years, improving features like Slide Over, Split View and the dock. For example, iPadOS 15 added a new multitasking menu at the top of apps, as well as a center window, a new multi-window shelf, and a more intuitive experience with Split View.

How would these developments help companies?

Apple continues with its goal of offering similar user experiences on both iPad and Mac. That’s not to say they’re identical experiences as each platform has its own features, but everything points to new features ranging from identical keyboard shortcuts to pointer and keyboard support. Aspects that show that iPads are becoming effective replacements and to take into account with respect to computers and capable of carrying out a good number of tasks.

The growing functionality of Photoshop for iPad also reinforces this theory.. The popular photo-editing app is undergoing some big changes lately, and just a few weeks ago, Adobe added two powerful tools to the iPad app: content-aware background fill and background removal.

As iPad functionality continues to improve, This is becoming a tool that is increasingly taken into account by companies. as a work device, in addition to the iPad’s innate mobility that offers Apple the opportunity to develop entirely new solutions based on the inherent technology it now possesses. In the short term, any improvements Apple makes to iPad OS will have an immediate impact on professionals who now use a tablet instead of a PC or laptop when they’re working and on the go.

Apple continues to bet heavily on the iPad range. While shipments peaked at 17.5 million in the fourth quarter of 2021, component-related logistics issues reduced sales to 12.1 million in the first quarter of 2022. Mind you, though, Apple retains the lead in the tablet market so it needs to consolidate and progress with the news that we are about to discover.

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