Companies increase hiring of IT professionals with open source skills

It looks like the job market is going to get even more attractive for IT professionals with open source-related skills. According to the tenth annual report Open Source Jobs Report: Critical Skills, Hiring Trends and Educationmade by the Linux Foundation and the online course provider edXcompanies are having many Difficulty finding skilled professionals high in the field open source.

This has not only led them to increase the positions for which they hire related to this field. They have also had to start paying IT experts who already have courses to obtain open source certifications. This is reflected in the study, for whose preparation a survey was taken as a starting point among more than 1,900 open source professionals, as well as among those responsible for hiring professionals to fill positions that require mastery of the skills they need.

A 93% of them claimed to have difficulties trying to find qualified professionals with open source skills. As a result, nearly half of companies plan to increase their hiring of open source professionals over the next six months. Thus, nearly three-quarters of open source-skilled professionals surveyed said they could find a new job fairly easily if they decided to leave their current job.

To avoid precisely this, losing the qualified professionals they have, companies are using various tactics. Among them, two quite classic: higher salaries and larger bonuses. More than 65% of open source professionals surveyed said that a higher salary would keep them from leaving their current position. In the past, other more lifestyle benefits were also used to retain qualified employees. But with the shift to telecommuting and hybrid working, financial incentives are a big draw.

Another trick that companies are using to retain employees is to pay them to obtain certifications. 90% would pay employees to get certified, while 81% of professionals plan to get certified before the end of 2022. Among businesses and employers, 69% say they would be more likely to hire an open source professional with a certification , which also confirms that previous experience is less critical to them, as long as someone proves that they have sufficient skills to do the job for which they want to be hired.

In spite of everything, as the difficulties to contract continue. A 43% of hiring managers is it so training employees internally. In addition, 41% are using external consultants, although it is a more expensive option. Only 16% of those surveyed said they had to delay a project due to lack of skills. This shows that projects of this type are among the priorities of companies, even if they require external and expensive help.

Among the open source skills most sought after by employers are cloud technologies and those related to containers. 29% of companies seek to hire personnel with these skills. Mastering Linux is also necessary for many companies, since this operating system is often behind much of cloud computing.

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