Companies invest 90% more in cloud solutions

Reduction of infrastructure costs, elimination of barriers in space and time, promotion of collaborative work, greater staff performance, better accessibility of documentation… there is no doubt that working in the cloud has been a before and after for many companies . To the point that they do not stop increasing their investment in it.

Enterprise cloud costs have increased by up to 90% in the last year. A percentage from which two fundamental readings are extracted. On the one hand, in the enormous implementation of this way of working in a large number of companies. And on the other, the consequences of a pandemic that has pushed many organizations to rely more widely on options as comfortable and secure as working in the cloud.

In addition, this increase in companies in investments in the cloud, also highlights the ever expanding market for existing solutions and the pricing strategies that different providers have implemented. In this sense, the cloud service provider Civo has conducted a survey on what companies spend on the cloud and the results leave no room for doubt: the business cloud increased by 93% in the last twelve months.

SMEs also spend more, 48%

But beware! This is also a thing for smaller companies. SMEs have increased their cost in the cloud by 48% in the last year. In other words, small and medium-sized businesses spend an average of $5,600 each month on cloud deployments.

In the aforementioned survey, 59% of those surveyed assured that the reason for this increase is due to the incorporation of new services and solutions to the cloud. 51% said they feel the need for more and better services and 45% because they experience more traffic on their servers. From Civo, they assure that these expenses will continue to increase since new services and solutions that facilitate the daily work in companies do not stop appearing. And also for a fundamental issue, security.

Another fact. Almost 8 out of 10 companies trust one of the big three providers of cloud solutions such as Google Cloud, Azure or AWS. What has triggered the benefits of these technologies to historical profits. In fact, Microsoft has announced record figures in the last quarter driven by its solutions for the work of companies in the cloud of 23.4 billion, 32% more than a year ago.

A figure that will surely continue to grow in the coming months and years when more and more companies become aware of the advantages and strengths of working in the cloud.

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