Company organizes Christmas party and more than 50 people are infected with the omicron variant

The new one omicron variant of the Covid-19 has ignited the alerts all over the world and the first cases begin to occur in different countries, as in Norway where one of the employees would have infected the rest during a Christmas party.

Authorities in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, reported this Thursday of the contagion in a Christmas party organized by a company in a restaurant from the city, so it is expected that those affected will be from the area and the surrounding municipalities.

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The Norwegian Institute of Public Health reported, according to the AP agency, that “the infection detection team in Oslo has contacted the municipalities concerned to start the detection of infections.”

Although they pointed out that the majority of those attending the party were vaccinated against Covid-19, more cases are expected and, therefore, “a screening is being carried out to limit transmission routes and prevent major outbreaks.”

Authorities urged the people who visited the restaurant to be tested for Covid-19.

Countries with omicron cases

The omicron variant was classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “important” and warned of a “high risk of contagion”, since it has been indicated that it has more than 30 mutations.

Ómicron emerged in South Africa and immediately countries around the world took steps to prevent its spreadHowever, the first cases are already registered in other countries, especially in Europe.

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According to reports from health institutions around the world, so far at least 27 countries have cases of the new variant that is more contagious, experts said.

Germany, USA, Spain, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Brazil and Canada are some of the countries with cases of the new variant that emerged in southern Africa.


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