Compress files in the easiest way with this WinRAR function

When it comes to saving space on our disk drives, we have several very effective methods. One of the most common for years is using file compression programs, software solutions that help us on many occasions. Here, among the many available proposals, one of the best known is WinRAR.

This is a file compression and decompression program that has been accompanying us for years and offering very interesting functions. In addition, thanks to its seniority, it is perfectly implemented with the operating system so that we can handle it in the most fluid and comfortable way. In fact, we could say that WinRAR presents us with several working modes so that we can use the one that interests us the most in each case. We cannot forget that generally what we are looking for is a fast and effective process.

These compressors that we are talking about not only do they serve us to save space. At the same time, they offer us the possibility of combining several files into one, for example, to be sent over the internet. In the same way, these compressed files will not be of much help when it comes to store our information in the time. And it is not the same to handle hundreds or thousands of files, than to have to control a single one that contains all the others. As usual, WinRAR is perfectly implemented in the Windows context menu, but we can also work with it from its interface.

But then we are going to show you the easiest way to compress and decompress files. We can affirm that this method that we will talk about is the most interesting for new users in these struggles.

Use the WinRAR wizard to save effort

Keep in mind that most file compression programs provide us with a useful assistant. Thanks to this, the application itself will guide us in the process of both compression and decompression of files. At the same time, thanks to this wizard, we will have direct access to the additional functions available, all in a much more graphic and simple way. Although sometimes we are used to carrying out these tasks manually, the aforementioned WinRAR wizard it is very possible that he will finish convincing us.

In order to benefit from all the advantages that this offers us, we only have to open the main interface of the program. Next, we will have to go to the Tools / Assistant menu option.

assistant winrar

At that time, a small window will appear on the screen that corresponds to the aforementioned wizard offered by the program. This will allow us to create a new compressed file, open and decompress an already created one, or add new content to the existing one. As its name suggests, the wizard will guide us through the process step by step so that we can take full advantage of these actions in a graphical way. And it is that from here we will also have direct access to the additional functions available.

wizard winrar

Specifically, we refer to characteristics such as the assigning a passwordwhat to do with the files once added to the compress, the automatic creation of an executable, or divide that new file into several parts.

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