Configure a PDF to your liking by deleting pages that you do not need

Possibly we have been given the circumstance that we download a PDF that contains many blank or filled pages, and therefore we only really need a certain number of sheets, so the ideal would be to be able to get rid of the rest. Although it may not seem like it, it is not so difficult to delete individual pages of this type of file on our Windows computer.

Use the browser itself

One of the easiest ways to be able to delete pages individually in a PDF file is to do it with our own web browser. That is why we can do it regardless of the one we use since it works the same way in Chrome, as in Edge or Firefox. The procedure is just as simple in all of them, because what we will do is print the content of a new file, but excluding from this the pages that we do not want.

The first thing we must do is preview our document in the browser for which we drag and drop it into Chrome or another browser that we use. Once we have the preview, click on the “Print” button that we find in the upper right part. Next, in the new window we go to the “Pages” section, click on the drop-down and select the option to “Personalized”.

Here we must make sure to skip the page or pages that we want to delete. For example, if the document has 10 pages and we want to do without pages 5, 6 and 7 we write 1-4, 8-10. All we have to do is make sure to choose “Save as PDF” in the “Destination” field and finally click on the “Save” button. Once saved we can check how it will only contain the page range that we have selected.

With programs to read PDF

To carry out this work we can also use different software programs such as PDF readers. These tools are free and we can use them as document viewers while having the ability to remove those unwanted pages from a document.

PDF X, simple and easy to use

It is a free viewer for Windows that we can download for free from the Microsoft Store. It is a powerful application with which we can view, print, edit and annotate our documents.

PDF X: PDF Editor, PDF Reader, Annotate PDF
PDF X: PDF Editor, PDF Reader, Annotate PDF

Developer: NG PDF Lab

Once the program is open, click on the “Open file” button to add our document. Subsequently, we click on the “Print” button that we find in the upper left part of the application toolbar. This will open a new window for us. In the “Printer selection” section, we choose “Microsoft Print to PDF”. Later we specify the pages that we want the new file to contain. If the file has 6 pages and we only need pages 1, 2, 3 and 4 then we will put 1-4. Finally, click on “Print” and a new file will be created with the selected sheets.

PDF X convert file

Foxit Reader, one of the most popular readers

We are facing a complete program to view files, along with the possibility of filling in forms and signing documents. With it, we can open documents quickly, allowing full screen viewing and having several documents open in the same window. It is a free application that we can download from its official website.

Foxit Reader delete PDF pages

Once opened, click on the Open file icon and select the desired file from our PC. Later we click on the print icon that we find in the upper left part of its toolbar. This will open a new window. In the name section we make sure to choose “Microsoft Print to PDF”. Later, in the “Pages” option, we select those that will be part of the new document. For example, for pages 1,2 and 3 we put 1-3 and click OK. This will open a new window where we must choose where to save the resulting file and give it a new name.

Using an online tool

In the event that we do not want to install any software on our computer, we can use these online tools that will allow us to eliminate the unwanted pages of a document and create a new file with the rest.

PDF24 Tools, works with all kinds of formats

It is a free website that has a wide set of tools to work with all types of files, among which is the possibility of delete pages. The application will show us all the pages that the file contains and we can select the ones we want to delete, to later save it as a new file. In addition, it is possible to import multiple documents and then delete pages from their content.

To do this, we must open our preferred browser and access PDF24 Tools by clicking on this link to its main web page. From here we can add files by clicking on the “Add files” button or by dragging and dropping them on the interface. By doing this, it will show us all the pages that the file contains.

PDF24 Tools

Later we place the mouse pointer over the page that we want to delete and press the button with an icon in the form of a trash can. We will repeat this in each of the ones that we want to eliminate from the document. Once finished, click on the Create PDF button. Once created we can review the file and save it on the hard drive. In the event that there are several files, they will be downloaded in a ZIP folder.

PDF2GO, delete any page in a second

With this free web application we will be able to import, preview and delete pages of any PDF file. With it we can order the content of the file, eliminate everything that does not interest us, and even rotate pages if we wish. Later, it allows us to create and save a new document with all the content that interests us. To do this we must start our browser and click on this link to the developer’s website to start.

Now, we must import the desired document from our PC by clicking on «Select file». We can also add it using a URL or by importing it from a cloud storage system such as Drive or Dropbox. Later we can see a thumbnail preview with all the pages.


Then we can sort the pages in ascending or descending order, sort them for duplex printing, or rotate. Then we can dispense with those that we do not need by clicking on the red delete button on each page, represented by the classic red button with a white cross in the middle.

Finally, once finished, we click on the “Save as” button that we find in the upper right part and then on “Save”, to choose where we want the resulting file to be saved. We will also have the opportunity to directly upload the file to the cloud.

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