configure Chrome well and protect your computer

And it is that in the times that run through our Web navigator favorite we can work, communicate with users from all over the globe, play, or watch movies, among many other things. However, it is also true that we should take certain precautions and carry out configurations that protect us.

Whether or not malicious code arrives on our PC depends largely on ourselves and our online behavior. With this, what we really want to tell you is that we should avoid suspicious websites and downloads that could potentially carry a malicious payload. good part of this security It is provided to us by the online experience, something many of you already know firsthand. But here other elements also play a fundamental role, such as the browser we use.

Along these same lines, we want to focus on the most widely used software proposal with these characteristics, without a doubt, we are referring to Google Chrome. A good configuration of our Internet browser can help us avoid a good part of the risks that we run on the Internet. Precisely celebrating the safe Internet day, we are going to show you some sections that you should take into account to configure Chrome well. This will help us to protect the data stored on our PC to a great extent.

Set Enhanced Protection

This is a browser that offers us 3 levels of security that we can establish depending on our needs or online experience. This is something that we can configure in the Privacy and security section where we find the levels Without protection, Standard or enhanced protection. Obviously the last of them is the most recommended for all those who want to obtain the best protection when they move through the Internet.

chrome protection

Do Not Track Request

One of the most common actions in many web pages that we visit at this time, is the monitoring that they do of our online movements. To prevent this, which not everyone likes, Chrome is offering us a feature that sends a Do Not Track request to these websites today to stop these particular practices.

Use security check function

It must be taken into account that this is a program that offers us an integrated function that analyzes the security of the installed extensions or possible vulnerabilities in the stored data. This is something that we also find in the Chrome configuration, more specifically in the section called security check. Here we only have to click on the Check now button periodically in order to protect ourselves against possible vulnerabilities detected.

Set permissions for websites

If we go to the Site settings section of the Privacy and security page of the program, we have the possibility to customize the permissions of the websites here. We are talking about avoiding the automatic use of important elements such as webcamhe microphone team or share our real location.

chrome permissions

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