Confirmed by Sony: the PS5 will receive VRR support very soon

We’ve been waiting a long time for the arrival of VRR on Sony’s PlayStation 5. The truth is that in this aspect the Japanese manufacturer has surprised us by taking so long to add a vital function and that its great rival, the Xbox Series X, already has. We knew that sooner or later they would add support for the variable refresh rate, but the company needed to say something about it. No sooner said than done: Sony has just confirmed that the PS5 will have VRR support “in the coming months.”

Already, when they announced that more Sony televisions would offer VRR support, they hinted that the next step would be for their new generation console to also offer this gaming function. And now, through an official press release, they have announced a series of updates for PS4 and PS5. VRR is not among them, but the company has indicated the following:

«We are also happy to share that Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is planned to launch on PS5 in the coming months. On HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors, VRR dynamically syncs the screen refresh rate with the PS5 console’s graphical output. This improves the visual performance of PS5 games by minimizing or eliminating visual artifacts such as frame rate issues and screen tearing. Gameplay in many PS5 titles feels smoother as scenes render instantly, graphics look sharper, and input lag is reduced. Previously released PS5 games may be fully optimized for VRR via a game patch and future games may include VRR support at launch.”

When you can update the PS5 to have VRR


As for the possible date on which Sony would release the firmware to update the PS5 with VRR support, at the moment the company has only indicated that it will arrive in the coming months, so now all we can do is have a little patience.

What is VRR and how does it work?

In case you don’t know what this important technology in the gaming sector consists of, we invite you to go through our guide on VRR written by our audio and video expert Javier Suárez, better known as Tocinillo, so that you understand the importance of VRR.

VRR on PS5

Summarizing, VRR or variable refresh rate in its acronym in English, it is a technology that manages to adapt in real time the Hz of your television based on the HZ at which a device is working. For example, when you connect an Xbox Series X console with VRR support and your Smart TV also has this support, if a game is working at 48 FPS and suddenly it goes to 80 FPS, your TV will change automatically, modulating their Hz in real time to avoid jerks. Something very common in driving titles, for example.

In Sony’s own words, VRR also eliminates intermittent and tearing problems screen to produce a smoother picture. In short, by integrating VRR into HDMI 2.1, the differences between PC and console games are reduced.

So now we just need to be patient and wait for Sony to release the corresponding update so that we can enjoy this technology on our new generation console. And it seems that the arrival of the VRR on the PS5 is closer than ever…

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