Confirmed: HomePods will sound much better with iOS 15

This is the new beta ‘exclusive’ of the HomePod

Both developers and public testers know that it is possible to install a beta on the iPhone or iPad relatively easily, assuming risks, but being able to have this version without any exception. The same does not happen with the beta software of the HomePods, since is launched selectively and not everyone receives such a beta update. In addition, those who receive it, must have the beta of iOS 15 or one of the other new versions.

In any case, we must clarify that this software will be launched universally in the autumn accompanying the rest. In fact, it is expected to be at the same time as iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, so September aims to be the chosen date. We remember that it will be compatible with the only two versions of the Apple speaker that we know to date: HomePod (large) and HomePod mini.

Lossless Audio as the main novelty of the beta

Although the announcement of Apple Music improvements was very well received by users of the platform, it is no less true that there was controversy around the devices that would be compatible with lossless playback. The HomePods were not initially on the list of devices compatible with this function, but soon Apple came out to clarify that they would be soon.

Well, that “coming soon” from Apple actually translates into these new beta versions of the speakers, which already incorporate that ability to play Apple Music content in the highest quality in the so-called Lossless Audio. It must be said that it is not guaranteed that it will finally arrive in the final versions, since it would not be the first time that we see a new function in a beta that then ends up disappearing in subsequent betas and finally does not appear in the finals. However, it seems very clear that this function will eventually arrive.

homepod lossless audio

Some media such as 9to5Mac that have had access to this beta, assure that it is possible to configure this setting from the Home application. If you are lucky to have received this version, you should follow these steps from the iPhone:

  1. Click on the house icon in the upper left.
  2. Choose the “Home Settings” option.
  3. Click on your name.
  4. Locate and click on Apple Music.
  5. Activate the Lossless Audio option.

It has to be said that another novelty of these betas It is in the correction of errors and it is that we have been witnessing for several weeks how dozens of users report that their HomePods have serious heating failures and even stop working suddenly. In these betas these bugs are no longer present, although given their seriousness it is expected that it will be solved with some other official update that would arrive long before the one corresponding to iOS 15.

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