Confirmed!? Michael Jackson Composed Songs for Sonic 3, Creator Says

the participation of Michael Jackson on the soundtrack of sonic 3 is certainly one of the greatest legends of video games. For many years the hedgehog fan community speculated that the Pop king composed some of the songs for the third game of the blue hedgehog, but the information had never been confirmed by sega, nor by representatives of the star. Nonetheless, Yuji Najathe creator of sonicseems to have confirmed the rumors.

The alleged confirmation took place this Thursday (23), a date that marks the celebration of the franchise’s 31st anniversary. Sonic the Hedgehog. in your account twitterYuji Naka first questioned whether the new version of the third game that is part of the recently released collection Sonic Origins contains songs other than the original.

Then the hedgehog’s breeder casually reveals: “Sonic 3 songs have been replaced, even though Sega officially uses Michael Jackson songs”. Shortly thereafter, Yuji Naka claimed it was a “misunderstanding”. “I think I was misunderstood because I probably don’t speak English and I’m using a translation tool. Am sorry”said the former Sega programmer, shortly after re-sharing a tweet wishing Sonic happy birthday with a video of TikTok of the hedgehog.

Michael Jackson in Sonic 3?

Sonic 3’s soundtrack features songs that resemble Michael’s classic compositions. Track Stranger in Moscow, for example, has a melody and beats reminiscent of the ending theme of the third numbered hedgehog game. The same can be said about the song jam of the King of Pop and the stage track Carnival Night Zone. The underboss theme even features the late artist’s famous squeals.

The discussion about Michael Jackson’s participation in the third Sonic of Mega Drive is old, broad and complex, as the star had a close relationship with Sega in the 1990s, even producing a beat ’em up game based on his movie, moonwalker. Subsequently, the King of Pop also participated in Space Channel 5a rhythm game originally released for dreamcast.

Investigations into the case point out that Michael actually participated in the composition of the music for Sonic 3, but left the project in the middle of its development due to Child abuse allegations that began in 1993a year before the release of the third game of the Hedgehog for Mega Drive.

A complete and remastered version of the game, that is, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, is available in Sonic Origins, a collection of 4 hedgehog games. The package is available for PRAÇA (via Epic Games Store and Steam) and consoles, including Xbox one, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. However, be warned: the third numbered title does not contain the original songs.

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