Confirmed: with the Samsung S95B you can play 4K at 144 Hz HDR and with VRR

The first Samsung QD OLED Smart TV It is already available in the main markets. Even El Corte Inglés launched the first offer to buy this impressive 4K Smart TV that wants to dominate the market this year 2022 thanks to its panel technology. And the truth is that in the first comparisons of the Samsung S95B vs. the LG OLED G2, it is clear that the work done is simply impeccable. In addition, every day it surprises us more with some function that nobody expected.

All thanks to the users who have already been able to buy the first units of the Samsung S95B and that they are not hesitating when it comes to revealing all the secrets that it hides inside. And it is that, although we already know most of the secrets that this QD-OLED Smart TV hides, it seems that the Korean manufacturer had kept some aces up its sleeve.

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Confirmed: the Samsung S95B has a real 144 Hz

In this case they have been AVSForum forums those who are discovering all kinds of secrets. For example, and as you can see in the image that heads these lines, the Samsung S95B is confirmed to offer true 144 Hz.

Undoubtedly, excellent news for the most gamer userssince Samsung’s QD-OLED television points out ways to become one of the best options when connecting a gaming PC to squeeze its possibilities.

Samsung s95B at 144Hz

more, seeing that the user dylanreich from AVSForums got his Samsung S95B to play games with 4K resolution at 144 Hz and with HDR and VRR activated on your desktop computer connected to the TV.

As this user has indicated, the key is in choose CVT option reduced white when creating a custom resolution. It is true that it is limited to 8 bits, but it is possible to reproduce in HDR, a detail to take into account.

Besidesit seems that his first impressions could not have been more positive. As indicated, it has limited everything to a frame rate of up to 139fps to achieve the best results. And in the tests he has carried out, he has been able to verify how G-Sync / VRR continues to work. For example, it indicates that Call of Duty now plays smoother now.

Configure your Samsung S95B TV to play 4K games at 144 Hz HDR and with VRR activated

Samsung s95B at 144Hz

As you can see in the image that heads these lines, the process for configure your computer so that the Samsung S95B can play 4K games at 144 Hz HDR and with VRR/G-sync activated It is very simple. To do this, just go to the graphics card settings menu and select a custom resolution. Now, select the reduced CVT standard to be able to enjoy games on your Samsung S95B Smart TV at 144 Hz.

In this way, and although the user himself indicates that he still has to tinker within the configuration menu to see if he can improve the quality, for now it is great news for all users. On the one hand, it confirms what more and more users imagined: that the Samsung S95B has a 144 Hz panel.

And now that we know how to configure it to enjoy a more fluid image, if this television was already positioning itself as one of the best options on the market, after seeing that you can configure the Samsung S95B to play games at 144 Hz, more and more users are going to make the leap to this TV. Finally, we invite you to see the first impressions with the Samsung S95B since it is leaving very good sensations. His only rival in 2022? The Sony A95K.

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