Confluent enables companies to maximize their profitability through a secure platform for the transmission and distribution of data

Confluenta leading data infrastructure company focused on data in motion, introduces new capabilities in Confluent Cloud that help organizations easily build a secure shared services platform for data transmission that enables efficient and cost-effective use of cloud resources. cloud infrastructure, especially important as business budgets tighten and new competitors emerge.

With the recent addition of support for OAuth , cloud client quotas, and expanded role-based access controls (RBAC), enterprises can unlock more real-time innovation and facilitate widespread access to streaming data without worrying about application performance degradation, increased costs, or the introduction of new operational loads.

“This year, all companies are in a difficult situation. Resources are tight, but expectations for real-time operations and experiences remain high,” he says. Shaun Clowes, Confluent Product Manager. “This release will help organizations connect and transmit data from across their enterprise in a more cost-effective and secure way. A secure and shared services platform for data streaming that saves valuable time and resources, while ensuring that data and applications are secure and easily accessible through the cloud.”

“Security is a priority on our platform and is built into every feature we release,” he explains. Jonathan Kropp, Director of Architecture at Extend. “Confluent’s combination of OAuth and access controls allow us to grant the least amount of access necessary for each feature to do its job. This default authentication and authorization approach has made securing Kafka simple and straightforward, allowing us to focus on building highly scalable distributed systems.”

With the current state of the market, organizations need to minimize costs and reduce infrastructure spend. However, companies often manage hundreds of applications spread across different business units and teams, making it extremely difficult to control operating expenses. Typically, each application requires specific resources and settings to maintain expected performance levels. In addition, managing identities and access among large numbers of people and applications places a significant operational burden. Teams often have to manage identity credentials from multiple providers and manually ensure they are always in sync to deliver a seamless user experience.

A shared services model enables organizations to run multiple applications in a cluster, saving infrastructure costs and simplifying operations. With this new release, Confluent Cloud makes it easy to implement this model with seamless identity management integrations, tighter access controls, and precise resource utilization controls for a multi-application deployment across the enterprise. These new shared services capabilities help run applications concurrently and reduce authentication and infrastructure resource needs.

new benefits

OAuth support reduces the operational impact of scaling workloads with centralized identity management.

With OAuth, a cloud-native authentication standard, organizations can quickly integrate and secure their applications with third-party identity providers to efficiently scale workloads and reduce operational impact. With OAuth, organizations can manage application identities through their own identity provider across multiple clouds, saving time and effort through automation. In addition, companies can improve their security by using time-expiring tokens for authentication needs.

New Client Quotas protect individual application performance with cloud-native resource utilization controls for multi-application deployment

Using Cloud Client Quotas on Confluent Cloud, enterprises can easily create and manage a multi-cloud shared services data streaming platform, providing enterprise-wide access to Apache Kafka while reducing operational complexity and the costs.

Available on dedicated clusters supporting up to 20 GBps throughput, this new feature enables precise application performance in parallel with individualized monitoring and performance controls for each workload. By working on the same internally shared cluster, teams can now access and reuse high-quality data to accelerate innovation in the data pipeline.

Enhanced RBAC is now available for all Confluent Cloud resources to ensure compliance, confidentiality, and privacy at scale.

With role-based access control (RBAC) extended to Schema Registry, Connect, and ksqlDB, customers can set granular permissions for users with the click of a button. By centrally managing and moderating all users and applications, RBAC enables architects, operators, and developers to more quickly onboard the platform. Enforcing permissions on all cloud resources ensures complete data protection and privacy.

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