Congratulations! Windows NT Anniversary and Other News

Computing, and practically everything related to technology, advances without looking back. Only a few users decide, from time to time, to remember old times using retro programs, games or operating systems. However, we often forget that current systems would not be possible were it not for their predecessors. And, therefore, they must always be remembered, even though the rapid change in computing has made these systems practically unusable today.

Windows NT 3.1 turns 28. Congratulations!

On this day, in 1993, Microsoft released Windows NT 3.1, the first version of the operating system designed especially for workstations and business servers. This operating system came before Windows 95, and, while Windows 3.11 had a very archaic desktop, this NT already offered users a desktop similar to the one we know today. Windows NT was a system with its own interface, which was committed to stability, and copied many of the UNIX network characteristics.

Windows NT was, until Windows 2000 (originally going to be NT 5.0), a business operating system, while the home versions (95, 98, and ME) were still based on MS-DOS. Windows XP broke the cycle, and was the first NT-based version of Windows for home users. And so it has been until today, when Windows 10 is also known as NT 10.0

The creation of this operating system was vital so that today we can use computers as we do. And, for this, we want to congratulate you. And, by the way, if you want to test it in a virtual machine, you can download it for free (and in Spanish) from here. Of course, there are 22 floppy disks that you will have to install one by one. There is also a CD-ROM version.

Programs with updates

In addition, we also have several programs that release a new version, and thanks to which we will be able to update our PC:

  • Atom: a complete programming IDE, free and open source, developed by GitHub and, of course, integrated within its platform. The new version 1.58 of this program focuses on improving its appearance, correcting some errors and improving usability. We can download this program from its website.
  • Vivaldi– A Chromium-based web browser, created by the original creators of Opera to offer a revolutionized browser while respecting privacy. The new version 4.1 of this program adds a new way of working with tabs: grouping them in stacks, like an accordion. It also introduces a new feature called Command Chains to perform various actions with a single command, and enables automatic background updates in Windows. A very interesting update that we can download from here.

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