Congress gives the green light to the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence

Barely a month after the Government began the election process for the headquarters of the Spanish Artificial Intelligence Supervisory Agencythe Congress has given the green light to its creation. It will be a body with sanction inspection capacity, and its own legal personality. According to Europa Press, it will be attached to the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

This is how it is reflected in an amendment to the Startup Ecosystem Billknown as the startup law, which has been approved by Congress and has already been incorporated into the project. The Law will be submitted today, October 13, to the examination and vote of the Economic Affairs Commission of the Congress of Deputies.

Said amendment has been approved in the presentation phase of the bill, as a joint transactional of the PSOE and United We Can. It contemplates the branding of the agency «as a public body with public legal personality, its own assets, full capacity to act and administrative, inspection and sanctioning powers, which are attributed to it in application of national and European regulations in relation to the safe and reliable use of Artificial Intelligence systems«.

Among the objectives of the agency is the supervision of the deployment, use or commercialization of systems equipped with Artificial Intelligence. In particular, those that may be a risk to the health, safety or fundamental rights of people. But it will also aim to collaborate in the collaboration, dissemination and promotion of AI training; as well as its development and responsible, reliable and sustainable use.

This agency will also be in charge of defining advice and attention mechanisms, in addition to collaborating with other entities for the supervision of Artificial Intelligence, both nationally and internationally. On the other hand, the agency will also promote the deployment of real test environments for Artificial Intelligence systems.

On October 4, the Government approved the criteria for choosing the headquarters of the agency, and has the forecast that he is out of Madrid. The deadline for the Autonomous Communities and local entities that want to be the headquarters of the Spanish Agency for the supervision of Artificial Intelligence to submit their application. After the deadline for submitting these requests, the Government has three months to study them and choose the point where the agency will be located.

Among other highlights, the Government will assess to locate this headquarters that the chosen candidacy is for an area with a large presence of technology companies, and specifically, Artificial Intelligence. They also expect the venue to provide AI-related equipment and infrastructure, and the ability to recruit talent in the fields of ethics, legal sciences and social sciences.

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