Consultancies and offices: the objectives of Zucchetti Spain acquiring ALTAI Soft

The Zucchetti Group, through its subsidiary in Spain, has acquired ALTAI Soft, an operation that highlights the company’s strategy of continuing to expand your offer of software solutions for the Spanish market. Currently, this market represents the second position in business volume in the group’s international strategy, only behind Germany, which it follows very closely.

The operation of the Italian group shows the important moves that have been taking place in recent months in the software industry looking for mergers and alliances. Let us remember that a few months ago the Primavera Group was born, which brings together small and medium-sized management software companies, as well as the purchase of Software DELSOL, by TeamSystem.

ALTAI Soft is a software and application development company which operates mainly in the sectors of consultancies and professional firms, small businesses and freelancers, with vertical software and development of custom projects. Within its consulting solutions, it offers advanced accounting tools, tax management, labor management, income and wealth management, corporate tax management and office management software.

The acquisition of ALTAI Soft with its varied offer of solutions allows Zucchetti Spain to expand its portfolio. It also reinforces the competitive advantages among the first customers, who will now be able to benefit from the Italian group’s catalog of software solutions.

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As pointed out Justin Martinez, CEO of Zucchetti Spain: “The purchase of ALTAI is in line with the Zucchetti Group’s strategy of entering the market for small SMEs and the self-employed, and specifically in the labor and tax consultancy sector.” From this perspective, the Zucchetti Group is committed to expanding its services in the Spanish market, reinforcing the catalog of solutions with specific tools for offices and consultancies. “It is about beginning to occupy a relevant position also in this sector of the Spanish market, as we already do in other European markets, and especially the Italian one, very similar to the Spanish one. With this purchase, we continue betting on growth in Spain”has pointed out.

A great leap in business strategy towards SMEs

ALTAI Soft has stood out in the Spanish market for its software solutions for law firms, labor and tax consultancies, SMEs and the self-employed, among other IT solutions. As its Director General has pointed out, Manuel Inigo Vega: “This new challenge fills us with enthusiasm and confidence, maintaining our commitment to work to the maximum in order to offer our customers the best products and the most qualified, agile and efficient customer service”.

In the sector of tax and labor adviceautomation is a necessary strategic step to continue being profitable and productive, as procedures with public administrations continue to move towards complete digitization.

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