Consulting firm Accenture will lay off 19,000 employees

The technological consultancy Accenture has announced the dismissal of 19,000 employees, which represents 2.5% of its workforce worldwide. In addition, the company has lowered its annual revenue and profit forecasts. According to what Accenture has communicated to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, the workforce cuts in Accenture will mainly affect personnel who do not occupy administrative positions. They will affect more than half of the layoffs, which will take place over the next 18 months.

The consultant has already reserved 1,200 million dollars for compensation for layoffs. In addition, it will invest another 300 million in the consolidation of its office space. For now, the scope of the layoffs by country is unknown. Except in India, where the majority can be concentrated. According to the Mint, the company will lay off 7,000 of the workers it has in the country, according to the Mint.

Apart from the layoffs, Accenture is also going to undertake a restructuring of its “non-billable” corporate functionswith the aim of reducing costs. The consultancy, which currently has 738,000 workers, has also assured that it continues to hire, but that it has begun to take measures to adjust its operations. In its last fiscal year, which ended last February, it hired 38,000 people to meet the demand for its solutions and services.

But, according to their managers, their results from the operations carried out «They are affected by economic conditions, including macroeconomic conditions, the general inflationary environment, and levels of business confidence. There continues to be significant economic and political uncertainty in many markets around the world, which has impacted, and may continue to impact, our business. Especially with regard to wage inflation and volatility in foreign currency exchange rates. In some cases, these conditions have reduced the pace and level of customer spending.«.

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