Control who uses your SkyShowtime account without permission with this simple trick

At this point, hardly anyone doubts the importance that the different streaming video-on-demand platforms are gaining. One of the most recent solutions of this type that have come to our country is SkyShowtime where, as in the rest, privacy is important.

We must keep in mind that due to the widespread use that these Internet services related to leisure have at the moment, security and privacy are becoming more important. Apart from the fact that here we use one of the many payment methods to be charged for the subscriptionthere is also a lot of other data that we do not want to be public.

To pay the monthly or annual fee for this type of platform, we generally use our credit or debit card, or a debit account. PayPal. Likewise, in the different profiles of an account, all the reproductions that we make are reflected. Sometimes these can be somewhat more sensitive, hence each user should stick to using their own profile. It is also quite common in this type of service that we share an account with others, sometimes with people who are less close than we would like.

The first thing we should know is that in most cases it is advisable to share a platform account video streaming with friends or family. With everything and with it, sometimes this trust is misused. In these lines we want to focus on the aforementioned proposal of these characteristics, SkyShowtime. Specifically, in case you have suspicions, we are going to show you a very simple way to control who uses our account on the video platform.

This is how you see who and when uses your SkyShowtime account

There are several additional functions that this video platform offers us to be able to manage our account in the best way. In the event that we suspect that it is being misused by some usersHere we show you a trick to control this use that we are talking about. Specifically, we will be able to see the devices used to access our account, their location and the date of last access.

It is also interesting to know that we will have the possibility of renaming each of these entries in order to locate at a glance the last ones that have used our SkyShowtime account, and from where. For all this that we tell you, the first thing we do is access our personal account of the platform with the corresponding credentials. From there, before choosing the profile that we want to put into operation, in the upper right corner we see a link that says Accountwhere we click

SkyShowtime devices

At that moment, a list will appear on the screen with the last devices that connected and made use of our platform account. In addition, we will be able to see their location and the exact date when they did it. To locate them later we also have the possibility of changing their name and thus to be able to identify them better and faster in the future. This will allow us to keep track of who, when and where our SkyShowtime account is used.

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