Controversy over the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro, is it so bad?

The new 2021 MacBook Pros with M1 Pro / M1 Max chips are leaving generally very good reviews from users. Not in vain have they been a true revolution to a chip like the M1 that was already leaving extraordinary sensations. However, in recent weeks a small controversy has also been unleashed at the expense of its keyboard and more specifically to the light sources that it emits. Our question is, is it really a major problem? We analyze it.

Cause and origin of the controversy

In some forums specialized in Apple products, as well as analyst blogs, it has been commented that the backlit keyboard of the new MacBook Pro is, as absurd as it sounds, excessive. As is usual in this type of computer, Apple adds backlighting under the keyboards thus allowing a better view of it in low light conditions and although until now it had not been the object of criticism, in these new models there are already complaints about it.

This is the case of an Asian blogger who calls himself Guanjun, who has even dedicated an article to this “problem”. As explained by this, like others in the aforementioned forums, the space bar consists of eight points of light that apparently are very annoying to look at. A complaint to which the aforementioned analyst has added design aspects such as the notch, something that takes its own controversy apart anyway.

In the attached photograph of the keyboard, it can be seen that there is indeed an alteration of this key, which looks excessively high compared to the rest. We cannot attest if the light leak that escapes is really as annoying as this user seems to make us see, but in any case it seems more typical of isolated facts.

Possible solution to the problem

Guanjun shows, in addition to the keyboard, other images in which they are appreciated bad finishes on the chassis of the device, so that it can be intuited that it is a quality control failure of the fabric. Taking this into account and that it is not a very widespread problem, but that it seems to respond more to a specific series, everything indicates that it could be solved with a replacement of faulty unit.

bad finishes macbook

This type of damage is contemplated in the MacBook warranty which, far from being the most common, does occur on some occasions. Therefore, this user and all those who have similar problems can make an appointment with technical support to verify this and correct the problem.

We insist on emphasizing that, at least for the moment, they seem to be isolated cases. In any case, if more units with similar problems were detected, it is possible that the company publicly opened a free replacement program. It would also not be the first time, since the previous keyboards called “butterfly” were for years in the eye of the hurricane due to the many problems they brought, to the point that their replacement program is still maintained today.

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