Converse teams up with Snoopy to bring joy to your sneakers

Although Charles M. Schulz died more than 22 years ago in the United States, it is still possible today to enjoy the wonderful adventures of snoopy and his friends, those who have filled books, comics, television series and movies to conform throughout the world an infinite legion of fans who continue to profess their love for the creations of the Californian cartoonist. Who does not have a shirt at home with this character?

Snoopy and Converse.

Walking shoes… and collecting?

As is customary with certain franchises, there are times when we are not sure if each new batch of products is intended to help in the task for which they were designed (walking in this case) or as collectibles that end up over the years for costing a fortune. Whatever your approach to things, there is no doubt that the Converse initiative will excite you if you are one of those who has grown up with the comics of Snoopy, Carlitos, Sally, Lino and company.

The fact is that Converse has just announced the launch of a collection of footwear, clothing and accessories “inspired by humor and positivity.” Something similar to what we could already see after the collaboration of the North American firm with Golf Wang at the beginning of the year, which consists of allow buyers to customize their shoes adorning them with the design inspired by Snoopy that they like the most.

And we have several as you can see in the images: from a more garish design in red (you have it above), where the whole gang of comics appears with Carlitos always giving the note –in this case never better said–, to others more elegant like the white leather one you have just below, with Snoopy lying in the characteristic position on the kennel of wood and a Woodstock fluttering around it.

Snoopy and Converse.

Another especially beautiful design is the one in yellow tones that you have just below: with Snoopy as the protagonist and some extraordinary lines that seem to be hand-made on the shoe itself.

Snoopy and Converse.

There is not only All Star

Converse’s All Star design is one of the most iconic on the planet and they are surely the most attractive in the collection, but it also incorporates other types that you will surely want to wear. This is the case of the low shoe model, tennis that some call, with the brand’s characteristic five-pointed star and Woodstock just below sheltering from what looks like rain (or anything else).

Snoopy and Converse.

Finally, if you want Snoopy to accompany you until the last minute of the day, you also have a model of slippers for the house, in yellow tones and with Charlie Brown taking center stage.

Obviously you can see in your face that you want to get these shoes as soon as possible but for now we have to wait a few days, until May 24 when they will go on sale on the Converse website. From that day you will be able to purchase various models and sizes (which even includes small children) with prices ranging from 40 to 100 dollars (from 38 to 95 euros).

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