Convert text and e-books to EPUB and other formats

In general, the most popular format for viewing e-books is EPUB, although it is not the only one. We can also find books in other formats such as MOBI, PDF, HTML, TXT, FB2, PDB, among others. This tells us that, if our reading device is not compatible with the EPUB format, there is the possibility of converting it to another format that is compatible. For this we can use programs that allow this conversion to be carried out efficiently.

Characteristics of a good eBook converter

When purchasing our e-books, they may be saved in different formats that, depending on the device we use to read them, may or may not be compatible. In order to solve this problem, there are programs capable of converting electronic books to any format. We will find from free software to other paid ones that will also offer us the possibility of removing DRM protection from books.

The main characteristics that a good eBook converter should have would be:

  • Compatibility with the most popular formats (EPUB, MOBI, PDF, etc).
  • Possibility to convert files in batches
  • High-quality conversion, preferably lossless
  • Remove DRM protection from books
  • Free or at a reduced price

Based on these main characteristics, we must choose the eBook converter that best suits our needs, for which we propose some options that we will see below.

Convert e-books to other formats

Next, we show you a list of programs for Windows, which have the possibility of changing the format of an electronic book to popular formats such as PDF, MOBI, among others.

Most popular caliper, organizer and converter

We are talking about one of the tools preferred by users to read e-books. Not for nothing is it a program of free and open source With which we will also be able to manage our book libraries, allowing you to download, read and classify them by categories. Among its features, the possibility of converting any file in EPUB format to others such as PDF, MOBI, AZW3, among others, stands out. In addition, it will allow us to edit the metadata, change the size and font of the text, customize the size of each page and replace text with regular expressions.

convert gauge

However, not everything is perfect, since it is a program that can be somewhat complex for new users and does not allow you to open files that are protected with DRM. Caliber is an application compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux that we can download from this link.

Epubor Ultimate, convert files and remove DRM

We are talking about one of the best e-book conversion programs for your computer. It stands out for being able to convert and decrypt eBooks purchased on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Sony, etc., performing functions of DRM removal in the books. It supports input formats such as EPUB, PDF, MOBI, HTML, among others, with the possibility of generating output formats to EPUB, MOBI, TXT, AZW3 and PDF after conversion without loss of quality.

Epubor Ultimate

The main drawback of this useful tool is that it is a premium software that is only available by paying $ 24.99. It also has a trial version with which we can decrypt 20% of the content of the book, being saved in TXT format. This software is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10, in addition to macOS, and can be downloaded from its website.

EPUBee Converter, ideal to convert EPUB to MOBI

It is a converter compatible with almost all e-book formats. Its main quality is that it is able to go from EPUB to MOBI format quickly and with high quality results, converting files in a matter of seconds. It also has the possibility of performing batch conversions, allowing us to read any electronic book on devices such as Kindle, iPad, among others.

EPUBee Converter

Its main disadvantage is that it is not capable of converting files that are protected with DRM. We can download EPUBee Converter for free for Windows and macOS from here.

iReador Ebook Converter, conversions without quality loss

We are now talking about an e-book conversion software all in one. With this program we can convert electronic books between the most popular formats, so that they are compatible with devices such as iPad, Sony Reader, Android, among others. The application supports batch file conversion, so we can change a large number of formats at the same time, achieving identical results to the originals without any loss of information.

iReador Ebook Converter

The main drawback of iReador Ebook Converter is that it is a paid application, with a cost of $ 19.99 without the possibility of downloading a trial version. It is compatible with Windows in all its versions and computers with macOS. We can buy it directly from your website.

Any EBook Converter, multi-threaded converter

It is an application specially developed to be able to easily convert e-book files to formats compatible with devices such as Kindle, iPad, Adobe, Kobo and Nook. It is a multi-threaded converter capable of running up to 16 conversion tasks simultaneously, thus supporting batch conversion. The software is also capable of decoding raw and protected e-books in EPUB, MOBI, PDF, AZW, TXT and KFX. In addition, it admits the addiction of 24 input formats to convert, such as PRC, HTML, DOCX, etc.

Any EBook Converter

Its main drawback is that, in order to take advantage of all its features, it will be necessary to buy its license, which costs $ 29.95. If we wish, we can download a free version from this link. The program is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10.

Auto Kindle eBook Converter, convert books into Kindle format

We are facing a small free and open source program that can be essential for the conversion of our eBooks. It is a very simple application to use, designed and developed to convert electronic books to a Kindl compatible formatand. Likewise, it can also convert CHM, LIT, HTML AND PDF files. The program is compatible with computers with Windows operating system from XP to Windows 10.

Auto Kindle eBook Converter

We can download free Auto Kindle eBook Converter from here.

Hamster eBook Converter, convert e-books to any popular format

It is a free program specially developed to be able to convert our electronic books to any of the most used formats, so that we can read it on any device. For this, its developers used the conversion engine that was implemented in Caliber. It is compatible and offers support for the most popular formats such as PDF, PDB, PUB, FB2, among others. It stands out for its simplicity since it is enough to drag the document to the interface and choose the desired format. In addition, it is available in more than 40 languages.

Hamster eBook Converter

We can download Hamster eBook Converter for free from this link.

What software to convert eBooks to use?

As we can see, we have at our disposal different types of programs with which we can convert our electronic books to any format, in order to be able to enjoy reading them on all types of devices. When deciding on one program or another, we must consider whether we are willing to pay for it. This is something that we can consider depending on the number of books that we are interested in converting.

First, we can try the free options that may be able to satisfy our needs. Among them, we must necessarily highlight Caliber, one of the most popular options that we should not overlook, being also multiplatform. Among the payment options, we may be left with Epubor Ultimate, an application specially developed for these purposes and with good compatibility of output formats, as well as the possibility of eliminating DRM in books, something that we cannot do with the free options.

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