Convert video to MP3 is a reality with these applications

convert video to mp3

With the proliferation of streaming services and online videos, we can say that a certain need to store this content has been generated, but we are not always interested in saving the entire video: many times with the audio superfluous. And that’s where the tools to convert a video to MP3 come in, so that you can save the sound of the video.

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What considerations should I take into account to convert a video to MP3?

considerations when converting a video to mp3

One thing to keep in mind is the quality of the video you are converting, since from there you will directly obtain the audio quality. If the video is of poor quality, recorded in Mono, or old, the audio output from it is likely to be of a quality that is far from today’s standards.

Another thing to keep in mind would be review the video formats so that it is compatible with our tool to use. There are certain tools that may not be compatible with all formats, although they tend to be multi-format more and more.

When converting video to MP3, we have to be clear about the audio segment that we want to convert Ideally, our tool would let us select the minutes and not just convert the audio of an entire sequence.

Imagine that you are looking to extract a song from a movie: you would want to be able to select the minutes of that song and not convert the audio of the entire movie to later trim it with another application.

Of course it is also important make a backup of the original source, in case it might be affected by the conversion. As of today, due to how the software works, it is unlikely, since they usually make copies automatically in temporary files, but if you are using a somewhat outdated version, it can happen to you.

And finally, there is the thorny issue that few people take into account but that is important: the Copyright. It is advisable that whenever you extract audio from a video, it is from a source that does not have registered copyrights, or that you have them in their absence.

Best Software to Convert Video to MP3 on Mac

AnyVideo Converter: a complete and multipurpose tool


AnyVideo Converter is a versatile video conversion tool that allows you to convert videos from one format to another, including MP3 format for audio extraction, and it generally works very well. In fact, personally it is the tool that I usually use for these purposes for several years now and it has never given me a problem.

Among the most common extensions for this program we would highlight the well-known AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, FLV or the almost extinct 3GP, among others, as well as certain audio extensions such as MP3, MP4, AAC, OGG or WAV.

We are, then, before a tool the sea of ​​complete that not only allows us to make these conversions quickly and accurately, but also supports downloading videos from the Internet to convert them later, being able to edit them to extract minutes or whole parts and having the possibility to edit the quality of the final file, all with a simple and pleasant interface.

Because of its ease of use, and the trust it has shown me over the years, I think AnyVideo Converter should be the first choice for anyone who wants to make converting video to MP3 easy and fast.

VLC Media Player: Apart from playing, convert videos to MP3

VLC Media Player

Did you know that the well-known VLC Media Player Can it also convert videos to MP3? This all-round player, which today I would say is the best video player for any operating system, also has the option to convert video to MP3 integrated within the options.

Of course, it is important that you keep in mind that the conversion will be of the entire videoand it won’t let you edit the minutes so you’ll have to resort to other audio editing programs later.

Personally, due to this problem it would not be the option I would choose, but for music videos or very short ones it is a totally valid option and we think it may be worth exploring. If you want to learn how to do it, we recommend the following tutorial.

Audacity: a very powerful free and open source option


Audacity is a popular and powerful open source audio editing and recording tool that, given the knowledge and clear basics, will let you basically do whatever you want with the audio.

It is not for nothing that this program is widely used by audio professionals, content creators, musicians, podcasters and audio enthusiasts in general due to its power and versatility, although it has a B-side: not the most intuitive thing in the world and requires a learning curve important.

Audacity is to audio as Photoshop is to image, a serious program oriented to professionals that, although it allows you to do a little first, the possibilities if you decide to train yourself in the tool that it gives are enormous.

In addition to the option to convert video to MP3, which it does very quickly, it also it will let us edit aspects of the audio such as amplification, equalization, normalization, reverberation, change of speed or change of tone to achieve the result that we want from that audio, among other options.

Conclusion: What is the best app to convert video to MP3 on Mac?

best app to convert video to mp3

In this post we have presented three different options that do the same thing: convert video to MP3 and that do it really well, besides being all free for the user. The big difference is how they do it and the average public that these solutions are aimed at.

While VLC is for anyone who wants to extract audio from complete content without having to worry too much, Audacity is the all-rounder that will let you do all kinds of crazy things with audio.
In the middle would be AnyTime Video Converter, which in my opinion is the most appropriate option to convert video to MP3, being able to do a simple edition and having multiple options inside for all types of users.

There are more programs and I’m sure they work great, but from here I have advised you with the 3 that I personally use and enjoy in my day to day, each one for its uses. I hope it has been useful to you and if you know of any more, Do not hesitate to leave it in comments for future analysis!

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