Convert your FLAC music to MP3 and listen to it on any device

When talking about sound quality, being a lossy format. MP3 tends to cut out parts of the audio file to reduce the size. In most cases, the guitar and reverb are the parts most affected by your understanding. For its part, the FLAC format preserves the quality of the stored audio file without hearing problems. And it is that this works like a zip file, and if we test the sound of the audio file, it will look like an uncompressed file.

The main advantage of the MP3 format is that it can be play anywhere as it offers compatibility with almost all modern devices, which means you don’t have to worry if they can play MP3 files. On the other hand, FLAC is slightly different, since, although it guarantees high sound quality, it is less popular and offers more compatibility problems.

Therefore, the FLAC format can preserve all the quality of the original music, it is ideal for archiving music and enjoying it with the highest quality. On the other hand, if what we need is to save space or simply obtain compatibility with any device such as a mobile phone, tablet, DVD player, etc., MP3 is the best option.

Convert FLAC files to MP3 with these programs

Next, we are going to see different software tools that will allow us to convert any FLAC file into MP3.

Freemake Audio Converter, complete and effective

It is an application for Windows that allows us to easily convert FLAC sound files to MP3 for free. It is without a doubt one of the best options for this type of conversion between audio file formats in a Windows environment. Once installed Freemake Audio Converterit is possible to add the FLAC file to be converted or to add a whole folder of sound files to convert music to mp3 all at once.

This audio converter, which is also characterized by having different audio quality profiles that we can customize, as well as the possibility of joining several songs into one. In addition, it has different presets to be compatible with certain devices, such as Android mobiles or iPhones, and also offers support for video fileswhich allows us to extract its audio.

We can download the latest version of Freemake Audio Converter for free from its website.

Freac, the most popular option

We talk about a open source audio converter for Windows, Linux and Mac, with which we can convert FLAC files to MP3 easily. It is possible to convert files both individually and in batches with this program. It has a LAME encoder, which is responsible for converting audio files to MP3. In addition, it has other formats such as Bonk, FAAC, FLAC, ogg, Vorbis, etc. that we can select according to your audio conversion needs.


Other features of this powerful software is that it also works as a CD ripper and has the ability to import CDDB information. This can be very useful for automatically querying all song information and writing it to ID3v2 or other tags as it offers Unicode support.

Freac is a free tool that has both an installation version and a portable version that we can download from its official site.

Helium Audio Converter, with various configuration options

This powerful software allows us to convert FLAC files to MP3 in batches on our computer. But it not only supports these formats but also other audio format conversions like AAC, M4A, MP4, MPC, OGG, WAV and WMA. In addition, we can also configure the Encoder options, where you can change the rate of bits (constant or variable) up to a maximum of 320 kbps and choose to use Standardization.

Helium Audio Converter

The entire conversion process is done quickly and with the possibility of customize quality of the audio output with various advanced options depending on the format. Another important feature is that it allows you to keep all the metadata information of the files we have converted. In addition, we must know that this program does not allow files with DRM to be converted as a security measure.

We can download Helium Audio Converter for free from its developer’s website.

Switch, wide compatibility and editing possibilities

This is a program that is capable of converting a wide variety of audio files, with more than 40 compatible formats, so we won’t have any problems converting our music in FLAC format to MP3. also allows keep all music tags of all supported formats and perform conversions both individually and convert multiple files at once.

Switch audio converter

Other interesting features go through the possibility of being able to extract audio from any file multimedia including videos, as well as from CDs and DVDs. Also, it is important to know that we are going to be able to listen to the whistles before carrying out the conversion, as well as being able to carry them out from various file formats at the same time.

Switch is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, and we can download it for free.

Web applications for conversions

If we don’t want to have to download or install any software on our computer, we have another simple way to convert our FLAC files to MP3. For this we can make use of free web applications that will allow us to carry out this process in a matter of seconds.

CloudConvert, fast and efficient

It is an online tool, so it does not require any installation, and that we can use directly from the browser. Once we go to the official CloudConvert website, we only have to drag, upload or choose the FLAC file from one of our cloud storage services to add it to the web and select the MP3 format as the output file extension.

CloudConvert convert from FLAC to MP3

As soon as the conversion has been carried out, we will immediately have it available to download to your computer. In the free version of CloudConvert the file conversion time per day is limited to 25 minutes.

Another interesting feature of this online application is that it has a section of options from where you can select audio codec, audio Q scale, bitrate, channels, volume and sample rate. And we can even trim the audio.

Online Audio Converter, wide compatibility and customization

This is another free online tool for converting audio files. It stands out for having a really simple interface to use in which the first thing we have to do is select the FLAC file to convert to later choose the output format (MP3).

Online Audio Converter main menu

We can also select the audio quality through a slider that shows the different options, speed and frequency, among other. With all this configured to our liking, all that remains is to press the convert button and that’s it, the whole process will be done in a matter of seconds and the files that we convert from FLAC to MP3 will be available for download to our hard drive.

In total this online application is able to recognize more than 300 files and allows us to extract the sound from a video of any format. In addition, you can convert multiple files at once, with the possibility of compressing them into a ZIP file to speed up the download.

Zamzar, simple and fast

We are talking about an online conversion program through which we can convert between FLAC and MP3 files, as well as a large number of additional formats such as WAV, OGG, AC3, among others, without the need to download any type of software. We just have to keep in mind that the maximum file size supported is 50MB.

Zamzar convert from FLAC to MP3

The whole process is very simple to carry out, since it will only be necessary to load the file and select the format to which we want to convert it. Once the conversion is done, we can send it by email or download it directly to our computer. Of course, unlike other options, this application Does not have advanced options so we cannot choose the britate or the sampling frequency.

Which is the best option?

As we have been able to verify, we have very good options to convert FLAC files to MP3. All of them are free, so we can try them without having to pay a single euro and thus be able to decide first-hand which one offers us the best results.

Among the software programs, possibly Freac be the most complete option of all, for a reason it is one of the most popular and used options for file conversion. In addition, it has a good handful of additional features that can be very useful for us on any occasion.

If we prefer to opt for carrying out the process from an online application, CloudConvert It may be the best option available, because despite its daily time limit, it has an interesting section of options from where you can configure the audio output quality.

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