Convert your PowerPoint files into PDF and take advantage of its advantages

Speaking of file formats, depending on the type of use that we are going to make of them, we have a series of alternatives to choose from. If we focus on the office software sector, here are some as common as XLSX, PPTX, DOCX or PDF, among many others. In fact, on certain occasions and in some programs of this type we can interact with several of them.

Along these same lines, we are going to focus on PowerPoint, specifically on the possibility that the program offers us to save our projects in PDF. As a general rule here we use formats such as PPTX, which is the one used by default. However, the application itself has support for many others, including the popular PDF owned by Adobe. Surely on many occasions you have come across files of this type, although generally made up of texts or forms.

However, this is a format that gives much more than itself, even to host multimedia presentations that we have designed in PowerPoint. At this point we can sometimes ask ourselves what is the real use of saving one of these multimedia projects in the aforementioned Pdf format. That is precisely what we want to talk about below, something that will probably be useful in certain circumstances.

A PDF file is more compatible than a PPTX

Surely you already know from your own experience that Powerpoint It is a valid program for both home and professional environments. We can use you to create presentations on a personal level, for educational topics, or even for high-level corporate use. We tell you this because if we focus on this last type of use, perhaps those presentations that we have designed we have to send to other co-workers, or to clients.

However, not everyone has the program Microsoft installed on your PC, so it may be the case that the PPTX or PPSX file cannot be opened. At the same time a file in PDF format for example is opened by most browsers, and everyone has a web browser installed. So for compatibility reasons, saving and sending a presentation in PDF can be an excellent solution.

Use PDF so that the presentation cannot be changed

Another advantage that we find here is that if we share with others or send the original presentation of PowerPoint, anyone can modify it. Just open it in the Office program and make the relevant changes. However, if we save it in PDF format and share it, it can only be consulted and viewed.

This type of use can be very useful in all types of environments or work modes, both professional and educational.

Reduce the final size of the file

Another point that we must take into consideration in this situation is that when saving a PowerPoint presentation in PDF, we can customize the resulting file. serve as an example that this will be extremely useful when reducing the final size of the presentation, which will be offered in the Adobe file format. To do this, we just have to go to the menu option File / Save as. Here we select the PDF format from the drop-down list, and click on More options / Options.

In the new window that appears we find a series of parameters that allow us to customize the elements that will be included in the PDF. We can also make the presentation compatible with PDF / A, or choose the slides that will be attached to the final file.

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