Cool Corsair peripherals up to 25% off

If you are looking for new peripherals for gaming, do not miss the pieces of offers that we bring you today. Those looking for a keyboard, mouse, or headset are in luck, thanks to these peripheral deals from Corsair. We have, on the one hand, a keyboard and mouse combo and, on the other hand, some gaming headphones with up to 25% discount.

Corsair’s keyboard and mouse combo is really interesting. keyboard is included K55RGB Pro and the gaming mouse Harpoon RGB Pro. They are specially designed for gaming and offer very good features. On the other hand, we have the headphones Corsair HS50 Pro Stereowith high-quality sound and a great microphone.

Corsair Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Corsair K55 RGB Pro Keyboard

Let’s start by talking a bit about the Corsair gaming keyboard. This stands out for having seven dedicated macro keys that we can customize using the Corsair iCUE software or using the Elgato Stream Deck streaming software. In addition, this keyboard has protection against dust and small liquid spills, in case we drop a little soda while playing.

This keyboard also has RGB backlighting. It features six built-in lighting effects and a total of five RGB zones. the management of the RGB lighting we can do it through the powerful Corsair iCUE software.

To offer greater comfort, it has a removable palm rest. This is made of good quality soft rubber that reduces fatigue on the wrists. Those who play many hours will greatly appreciate it.

This keyboard has dimensions of 481x167x36 mm and a weight of 0.81 kilos. This keyboard is connected via a USB cable and has a transfer speed of 1,000 Hz. It also has multimedia keys for volume up and down, track change and pause/play.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro Mouse

We turn to the gaming mouse, which is characterized by having a contoured shape with rubber sides. This mouse has a weight of 85 grams, being ideal for long hours of play due to its adjusted weight.

This mouse has a high-quality sensor that has a 12,000 DPI resolution. They also highlight their omron switches which have a durability of more than 20 million clicks.

This mouse has a total of six programmable buttons according to our needs. It also has RGB lighting in two different zones. We can adjust and customize all this through the Corsair iCUE software. Said software is very complete and allows adjusting the parameters of the different peripherals in a comfortable and simple way.

It offers us polling frequencies of 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz and 1000 Hz. We can make changes between three profiles that are stored in the internal memory of this mouse. The connection is made via a cable that ends in a USB port.

Without a doubt, a combo of Corsair peripherals that you cannot miss.

High quality gaming keyboard and mouse The mouse has no adjustable weight
Customizable RGB lighting If it included a mat it would be a luxury pack
Both keyboard and mouse have configurable keys
The mouse features a high-quality optical sensor
The keyboard has a wrist rest

Corsair HS50 Pro Stereo, an all-terrain gaming headset

The speakers are very good, but it is much better to play with headphones to hear the sound better. These Corsair headphones feature memory foam ear cushions that offer great comfort. In addition, they attenuate external noise quite a bit and allow us to concentrate better on the sound of the game.

These headphones have some 50mm neodymium speakers. These speakers offer us great sound quality and precision. These headphones also feature a unidirectional microphone that can be conveniently removed. In addition, they have a volume and mute control to be able to make adjustments as needed.

These Corsairs are characterized by being compatible with PC and consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, PS5 and the Xbox Series X, among other consoles. But it is that, in addition, they are compatible with smartphones that have a 3.5mm jack connector.

About the speakers, these have a response frequency between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. They have an impedance of 32,000 ohms and a sensitivity of 116dB. While the microphone offers a response between 100 Hz and 10 kHz with a sensitivity of -40dB and an impedance of 2000 ohms.

Those who purchase the Corsair peripheral combo discussed above and these headsets will surely enjoy using them in their favorite games.

Microphone can be easily removed Lacks RGB lighting
It is compatible with console and smartphone
Volume control
Extremely comfortable pads

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