Cool your processor better with the CORSAIR XH303i and XH305i kits

CORSAIR has announced two new custom cooling kits. On the one hand, the iCUE XH303i RGB PRO and on the other the XH305i RGB PRO. Both are kits that include everything you need so you can mount a totally custom-made liquid cooling system on your PC tower. Let’s see what its specifications are and what differences exist between the two.

Assembling a tower using liquid cooling is not an easy task, since it requires somewhat more advanced knowledge than assembling a fan cooling system. Apart from requiring more exhaustive maintenance. The advantages of doing it? Greater heat dissipation capacity and, therefore, temperature reduction. What input will allow us to overclock our processor and make it work at higher speeds than normal, gaining performance in the process.

A brand that has maintained prestige all this time is CORSAIR, famous for its Hydro X liquid cooling kits. Well, they have just introduced two new additions to the family. Under the names XH303i and XH305i. Both will keep your PC’s processor cool. Let’s see, therefore, what both radiators offer us in comparison with similar ones that are currently on the market.

CORSAIR XH303i and XH305i Technical Specifications

Both radiators are based on the XC7 RGB Pro water blockwhich is fully compatible with Intel processors for LGA1200 and LGA1700 sockets, which means that we will be able to use it on Core CPUs from the tenth to the thirteenth generation. On the other hand, if we talk about AMD’s Ryzen at the moment it is only compatible with CPUs under socket AM4. Let’s not forget that Lisa Su’s company has stated that cooling systems compatible with its current socket will also be compatible with AM5. Although we will wait for a confirmation from CORSAIR. As for the radiator, both kits make use of the XR5 which is 360mm long and 30mm thick. Apart from including all the pieces and tubes so you can mount this liquid cooling, custom on your PC.

Corsair XH303i

The differences between both models is that the XH303i is designed for systems with a smaller space, since it makes use of a small XD3 RGB pump in combination with a DDC PWM pump and an air flow to cool the radiator composed of three fans of the type SP120 RGB Elite. If we focus on the XH305i we will see that its pump is an XD5 and it cools its radiator with three QL120 RGB fans, which stand out aesthetically for their 34 RGB LED lights. By the way, not only the XH305i supports this type of lighting, but also the XH303i. In both cases you can configure with iCue software Of the brand. Of which are fully compatible.

As coolant, both use CORSAIR’s own XL8, of which a liter comes standard in the box. And to finish we have the tubes, which are of the XT Hardline type of the acrylic or PMMA type and consequently totally transparent. Both kits include the necessary tools so that you can assemble them without problems right from the start.

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