COOLMOD or PcComponentes, which is better to buy hardware?

Its appearance is more neutral. It could be said that beyond the name, nothing tells us that we are on a website specialized in hardware. But it is true that it has not lost the essence of its origins and it shows that they have a PCCom Zone where we can configure a PC to our liking in which they also advise us different configurations already pre-selected for the use that we are going to give them (work, study, play, mount video, etc.)

It maintains a section with monthly offers throughout the year in which you can quickly see which product is currently at a good price or at a discount and, perhaps, find that offer you were waiting for there. Finally, we cannot end without pointing out that it has a outlet section where there is reconditioned product or product from returns with any sign of use. In the first case they maintain the two-year guarantee and in the second, only one.

Among the different services that could be highlighted is that we can save the products that interest us as favorites to keep track of their price, which they offer free home delivery from 50 euros on many of its products (not all) or collection at one of its stores in Murcia or Madrid and a 24-hour replacement guarantee on most of its products. As a detail, they usually include lollipops, candies or stickers when they send you the product, something nice.

COOLMOD, hardware specialists

COOLMOD advertises itself as an “online computer store” and unlike PcComponentes, it might seem like just that. But in reality, if you look a bit you will see that it has also added products from other technological ranges and categories such as mobile phones, home automation or household appliances. The big difference is that beyond what is directly related to the PC, where there is a large selection of products, these other categories are usually with very few products (and sometimes only one).

coolmod home

With a much more modern and attractive appearance, many brands turn to this store and have not only their space but also periodic events such as weeks of offers and other very profitable discounts. The interactive menu that they have mounted is especially fun and in which, walking through a “gamer” room, we can go through the sections of the web instead of the typical menu.

coolmod menu

It is true that the number of products and offers is less than PcComponentes, but we also have a section in which the discounts are collected, yes, for the whole year, so we do not know how often the products will change.

As in PcComponentes, we can make our PC to measure in this section, but they do not give us a series of recommendations on what we should choose to use. Now, what we do have is a series of pre-assembled kits with their COOLPC brand. And if you are looking for something especially to play, they not only look good, but also good prices whether you are looking for something “average” or the most extreme, and with an overwhelming variety.

The Opportunities section is not lacking, with reconditioned product and as far as shipments arrive from 1 to 3 days (from 3 to 5 days in reconditioned) as long as it is in the Iberian Peninsula. Of course, the expenses are not included and depend on the weight of the product, regardless of the purchase price.

Which is more recommended? COOLMOD or PcComponents

After reviewing the characteristics of each one, and emphasizing that both are completely trustworthy and reliable, there are hardly any complaints about either of them and if we find something at a good price, there is no doubt that they will provide a good service.

Although, broadly speaking, since the two can satisfy us almost equally, COOLMOD’s approach is perhaps more specialized in gaming hardware and have a greater variety for the most demanding public. PcComponentes is aimed more at a user, speaking of hardware, medium-high and not so much at the one who wants the latest of the latest. Of course, in quantity it is difficult not to find something in this store that does not fit your pocket.

Now, if the product is in both stores, the free shipping from 50 euros in that component you are looking for (although it is true that it is not in all products, you have to look closely) you can tip the balance for PcComponentes because, after all, it is a expense to be reckoned with.

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