Cooperative games with split screen to play on the iPad

Since the internet arrived, the multiplayer modes of games have changed completely, since now we can play with anyone in the world in a matter of seconds. This opened up endless possibilities, however, the local multiplayer and split-screen modes continue to appeal to many, who prefer the closeness of the player to fully experience the fun of playing with someone. What if you could do it from the comfort of an iPad?

The iPad as a game console

The new processors that Apple has introduced in the iPad models have turned the famous tablet into a gaming platform. The new chip is capable of delivering fantastic graphics performance, so playing demanding games becomes a breeze for the device. That is one of the reasons why many users decide to buy the iPad, since its performance covers countless needs, such as the gaming factor.

With a screen as large as the one offered by the iPad today, playing split screen can be a great discovery for the little ones, so we are going to leave you with several options so you can try them as soon as possible.

iPad games with split screen (split-screen)

Games with split screen mode will allow you to enjoy very fun games, since each player will have a section of the screen to focus on their character and try to win or cooperate with the other player present.

Totally Reliable Delivery

A fun package delivery game in which you have to complete the order in the shortest time possible. With the help of the other player, you will have to take all the packages to their destination, although the physics and the crazy terrain will make things very difficult for you.

Riptide GP: Renegade

This classic jet ski game offers very frenetic water races, with the possibility of being able to play up to 4 players on the same device (although having so many players on the iPad is a bit cumbersome, it must be said).

Table Top Racing: World Tour

Miniature car racing games are always a hit. In this case, Table Top Racing: World Tour offers us the possibility of completing fun circuits from the perspective of a small miniature car.

Fruit Ninja

The famous game of cutting fruits with a katana has a simultaneous multiplayer mode in which each player will be in charge of one half of the screen and will try to cut all the fruits that appear on their side. It is not a mode that requires connecting a Bluetooth controller, so it is interesting to play anywhere without the need for extra accessories. Of course, watch out for the bombs.

All Star Fruit Racing VR

Although this latest version seeks the possibility of playing in three dimensions with virtual reality glasses (or Google Cardboard), the iOS version also offers the classic version with the possibility of playing on a split screen. It is the typical kart game with items to improve speed and alternative routes to cut times.

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