COP26 raises urgency against global warming

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) was opened yesterday under the sign of urgency, as a quote that represents the “last chance” to tackle the global warming.

The COP26 It is “the last and best opportunity to meet the + 1.5ºC target,” declared the event’s president, the British Secretary of State. Alok sharma, at the opening ceremony.

The inauguration took place parallel to the closing of the G20 summit, in Rome, which ratified the common goal of meeting the + 1.5ºC objective, but failed to set a precise date for carbon neutrality.

“We had a G20 reasonable, but there is still a long way to go, “acknowledged British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, host of the COP26 from Glasgow, where the 20 most industrialized countries will arrive with climate ambitions described as insufficient.

Responsible for 80% of the Emissions of greenhouse gases, the nations of the G20, among which are Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, reached an agreement classified as insufficient.

The president of the United States, Joe biden, was “disappointed” by the lack of ambition on the part of China and Russia in the fight against climate change in the G20 in Rome.

The limit target for global warming was established by the international community six years ago, in the Paris Agreement (COP21). But it is being unfulfilled and the most recent projections estimate that the world is heading almost double, + 2.7ºC.

The amount of energy that this global warming would cause would melt much of the ice on Earth, raise sea levels around the world and considerably increase the probability and intensity of extreme weather events, according to experts.

In fact, the impact of climate change is already being felt in the form of “floods, cyclones, forest fires, temperature records,” he warned. Sharma.

United Kingdom invited 130 heads of State to express their objectives and demands, during today and tomorrow.

China, which emits more than a quarter of greenhouse gases, revealed its new commitments this week. The government of Xi Jinping ensures that it wants to achieve carbon neutrality (equal amount of emissions and retention) by 2060.

But officially the international community had set that goal for 2050, so that the planet does not enter an unpredictable climate scenario. Committing to common dates, with mutually binding control rules, being transparent in the fight against climate change, is another objective.

The third is the commitment of industrialized countries to help poor countries annually with 100 billion dollars to help them mitigate and adapt to the new climate.



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