COP26: They promise to curb the use of coal

Within the framework of COP26, 49 countries pledged to phase out the use of coal, announced Alok Sharma, who is chairing the 26th conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Unfccc).

The goal to curb global warming requires that coal be stopped, but major economies such as the US, China, India and Japan have not given a date to abandon it.

The agreement participants aim to stop investing in new plants that generate this type of energy, either in their territory or abroad. While richer countries pledged to phase out its use in the 2030s and developing nations in the next, the UK said.

Although progress has been made in reducing coal consumption, in 2019 it continued to be used to produce 37% of the world’s electricity.

South Africa, Poland and India will require large investments to make their energy sectors “cleaner”.

On the other hand, Colombia, Ukraine, Fiji, Kenya and Mali will be the first nations to participate in an investment program that seeks to help developing countries transform their networks to transport increasing levels of renewable energy.

The REI program will operate through multilateral development banks to offer participants a set of financial instruments and technical assistance.


“Do you really see the consequences of climate change, any tangible footprints?” French President Emmanuel Macron asked astronaut Thomas Pesquet, on a mission to the ISS.

“Unfortunately yes. We could see entire regions burning, Canada, California covered by a cloud of smoke, the flames with the naked eye at an altitude of 400 km, the same in southern France and Greece,” he explained.


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