Cordura fabric hits floor mats: Newskill Themis Pro

Generally, the surface of PC mats is made of micro-textured fabric, a technique that makes it easy to use with any type of mouse sensor but whose resistance to wear is not that much. Sanity, for its part, is a synthetic nylon (polyamide) fabric that has the peculiarity of being highly resistant to wear, tearing and abrasion, which is why it is used as we have already mentioned in motorcycle clothing or ski suits. , among others.

This is the Newskill Themis Pro and Themis Pro RGB

Themis Pro Themis Pro RGB
Sizes Large: 460 x 400 x 4 mm
Extra large: 960 x 400 x 4 mm
Large: 460 x 400 x 4 mm
Extra large: 960 x 400 x 4 mm
Materials Surface: waterproof original cordura
Base: anti-slip natural rubber
Surface: waterproof original cordura
Base: anti-slip natural rubber
Seams Flat stitched edges No
illumination No RGB, with effects and profiles via Software
Connection No USB-C
PVPR Large: € 19.95
Extra large: € 29.95
Large: € 39.95
Extra large: € 49.95

The Newskill Themis Pro series (in its two variants and four models as we will tell you below) stands out for being manufactured with original sanity on its surface; As we have told you before, this material is extremely resistant, but it is also incredibly slippery and is therefore ideal to function as a mouse pad surface, since the mouse will slide without generating practically no noise. friction. Also, sanity is also raincoat So even if you have an accident and liquid is spilled on the mat, it will not “seep” inside and you will not have to worry about anything other than removing the liquid with a cloth.

Of course, the sliding sanity is on the upper part, the one that “wears out” by use with the mouse, but the lower area is made of non-slip natural rubber, just the opposite because what we want is that the mousepad does not move from your site during use. In addition, the Themis Pro model has stitched edges for greater durability, while the Themis Pro RGB model has, as you may already suppose, an RGB LED strip around its perimeter.

As we told you at the beginning, we are facing two variants of these mats (the Themis Pro model and the Themis Pro RGB), but there are also four models in total since each of these variants has the large size (L) and the extra large (XL), whose dimensions are quite oversized and therefore ideal for gamers who make use of low resolution on their mouse sensor: the L model measures 460 x 400 x 4 mm, while the XL model is in actually “Extended”, since it is just as thick and tall but its width extends to 960 mm.

A particularity of these mats is that they are 4 mm thick, something quite large in this world of gaming mats, and that means that the player will have extra padding to support the wrist and be able to play comfortably for hours and hours without suffering fatigue ( Although it is not decisive, this having a soft surface under the wrist also helps to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome).

Themis Pro RGB

Finally, it should be noted that, of course, the Newskill Themis Pro RGB model has a connection to the PC to be able to show its illuminated perimeter. This lighting is achieved using a huge RGB LED strip that covers the entire perimeter of the mat, and from which a cable with a USB-C connector comes out at the top left that will allow us to use its control software to be able to modify its colors and their efects.

Of course, we have the 16.8 million colors of the RGB spectrum to choose from, but we can also modify both the intensity of the lighting and the speed of the effects, since as you will suppose there are also different effects pre-configured at the factory to choose from, such as like rainbows, breathing or fixed color, although of course there is also the custom mode to be able to put the colors exactly as we like it the most.

Price and availability

Themis Pro

As is usual in the Spanish manufacturer Newskill, the Themis Pro and Themis Pro RGB gaming mats are initially found in the brand’s online store, although for now only in the pre-purchase phase since they foresee that shipments will be made to from December 15, 2021. Of course, the manufacturer has also confirmed that very soon (potentially as soon as they have availability) we will be able to find them also both in PcComponentes and in Amazon.

As for prices, the Themis Pro L model costs 19.95 euros, while its XL variant has a suggested retail price of € 29.95. For its part, Themis Pro RGB models start at € 39.95 in the L variant, while the XL variant has a sale price of € 49.95.

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