CORSAIR announces that they already support AMD Ryzen 7000 processors

These new AMD Ryzen 7000 processors bring many new features, among the most important is the new AM5 socket. This new socket has been introduced because these processors offer support for DDR5 RAM. Other changes and tweaks to these new market breaking processors are also included.

CORSAIR already supports AMD Ryzen 7000 processors

The truth is that there is little to say about CORSAIR, since it is one of the most important manufacturers of components, cooling systems and peripherals on the market. They have been adapted to the new solutions that are about to be launched on the market.

If you are already thinking of buying a AMD Ryzen 7000 processor and you want to know what corsair products are compatible with these new CPUs. The company has updated the system PCBuilder to make things easier for users. Now you can see that the brand products compatible with these new processors. In addition, we can see the compatibility with a large number of CPUs, graphics cards and motherboards.

new corsair dominator ddr5 ram memory

This system tells us liquid cooling compatibilityas well as the DDR5 RAM. In addition, it indicates the compatibility of other elements such as SSDs, chassis and other components.

As we have mentioned, AMD Ryzen 7000 processors make use of the new socket AM5. The design of this socket does not vary from the current AMD AM4, so the compatibility of the cooling systems is complete. So, the systems liquid cooling ELITE LCD, ELITE CAPELLIX and ELITE RGB they are fully compatible.

In addition to these refrigeration systems, among others, they have total DDR5 compatibility. We will get the best performance with the Ryzen 7000 thanks to these memories with higher frequencies, greater bandwidth and capacity.

specifications amd ryzen 7000 processors

A little advance, nothing more

According to CORSAIR, by the end of the month they will give more data on compatibility with AMD Ryzen 7000. The company indicates that they will announce something new regarding DDR5 RAM, so they still launch a special kit for the new AMD CPUs.

We remember that AMD will do the same as Intel and that is, its processors will be compatible with DDR4 and DDR5. This allows users to do a much more personalized setup based on the user’s needs. Note that the impact of DDR5 could be greater on AMD than on Intel, since Ryzen processors are more dependent on RAM.

We will see when AMD announces the Ryzen 7000 the news that these processors include. An increase in the number of maximum cores is not expected, but in support of new technologies. It should support PCIe 5.0 and the new 3D cache technology, which increases performance noticeably. We will also have to see what the gaming performance of these processors is, something that will happen with the first reviews.

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