Corsair explains why NVIDIA’s new graphics cards burn out

The specific problems of the RTX 4090 with the new 12VHPWR power connector have brought a tail in recent days. It is not a blunder that has ruined what is the most powerful graphics card of the moment, but it has created enough of a scandal for experts of all kinds to talk about it. However, we were missing a more expert voice and luckilye we have CORSAIR’s opinion of the RTX 4090 and its connector.

Nobody likes that a component that is worth more than the monthly salary of many people ends up spoiling for one thing or another. That is why, faced with the news of the broken RTX 4090, many users have panicked over a problem that really affects far fewer people than was initially said. However, in the absence of answers from NVIDIA, uncertainty grows.

CORSAIR pronounces on the problem of the RTX 4090

The power supply manufacturer has not been commenting on the problem of the RTX 4090’s melted power cables and has done so through JohnyGuru. And his response has left us quite surprised, as he has thrown the ball at NVIDIA and its partners, if not directly at the users. Your argument? Those who have had problems have inserted the connectors wrongthey have left them halfway and without having made the connector make 100% contact with the power pins.

To prove his claims, what he has done is connect three PCIe cables to the NVIDIA adapter on the graphics card and in the middle he has implemented what we call a thermistor, which has served to monitor the connector. All this to experiment in all possible scenarios of how to place the cable. The result? Even with the graphics card at full power, temperatures have not exceeded 53 °C. All this using a Corsair HX1500i power supply

So in the end they have decided to look for the explanation elsewhere and look at the photos of users who have had the problem. In the end, the conclusion has been that, since the 12VHPWR connector is difficult to insert completely, this is what has caused most of them to end up burning. Let’s not forget that the RTX 4090 draws all its power from said connector and without it it simply cannot function.

The solution to the problem?

While NVIDIA and the assemblers remain silent in order not to publicize the problem further and not negatively affect the sales of the RTX 4090. JohnyGuru has provided a solution to the problem that the connector does not make contact at all. Plain and simple spread some dielectric grease on the power connector. An investment of a few euros that can help us safeguard a graphics card of more than 2,000 euros. The idea is none other than to be able to slide the connector more easily and that it is fully connected.

What do you think? It will be CORSAIR’s solution to the problem of its graphics card implemented by NVIDIA and the rest of the RTX 4090 manufacturers in order to solve this problem. Will we see a little bottle of dielectric grease even as standard on every RTX 4090?

RTX 4090 solution CORSAIR Dielectric Grease

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