CORSAIR joins the displays on its AIO ELITE LCD RGB

CORSAIR has not been the last and not the first, but perhaps it is being the brand that has best interpreted what the user needs when it comes to inserting an LCD screen into an AIO. Their ELITE LCDs are undoubtedly a success and the fact that previous models can be updated simply by buying the screen is a point to take into account, although they will lack the improvements of the series that we are going to see below.

CORSAIR ELITE LCD, when AIOs are more than RGB

We will all agree that CORSAIR products are always synonymous with quality. The American brand is possibly the most complete in terms of catalog and sectors for PC and as such it has a reputation to defend.

Although other brands launched to show products with OLED or LCD screens, the pirates held the stake thinking about the future and laid the foundations of what we are going to see with the ELITE CAPELLIX series, which we will understand now. This ELITE LCD series is based precisely on the CAPELLIX and includes a series of minor improvements that will also make you think about the change if the portfolio is full, and if not, you can update your AIO without problem.

Main features to highlight

The main claim is undoubtedly its 2.1-inch IPS LCD screen that is fully customizable and that as we can see it obtains a more than acceptable resolution (480 x 480 pixels, 24 bits and 30 FPS). There are three models that, at the moment, make up the entire range:

  • H100i ELITE LCD (240mm)
  • H150i ELITE LCD (360mm)
  • H170i ELITE LCD (420mm)

They all share the same technology, but logically differ in size and performance, as CORSAIR has wanted to adapt to all users by offering different ranges and prices.


The CORSAIR range of fans is possibly one of the best known in the world for its heart-stopping performance and its restrained sound, where logically the main claim is its magnetic levitation motor.

The ML RGB ELITE maintains the magnetic levitation bearings with AirGuide technology and now also integrates 8 addressable RGB LEDs that are individual. Performance has also improved and although not specifically specified, CORSAIR claims that there is now better airflow through the radiator because the AirGuide technology has been optimized.

The RPM range through PWM is 450 revolutions for the 120 mm version up to 2000 RPM, while the version of these 140 mm fans goes from 400 RPM to 1600 RPM. Additionally, these fans are now offered in black and white to match our PC.

New invoice LCD screen

It is undoubtedly the distinctive element of this H ELITE LCD series, and it is that we are talking about a 2.1-inch screen that will allow us to display any image on it in full color and with good sharpness, as well as animated GIFs.

The screen is surrounded by 24 addressable and individual RGB LEDs that are fully programmable by the iCUE software and that can be linked with animations and of course, synchronized with the rest of the components of the brand.

The potential options that may present data on said screen are not specified, but it does show, for example, the temperature of a component, be it CPU or GPU, the RPM and possibly the pump flow, all with different animations, something new in the sector as such.

In addition, this screen has the peculiarity that it will be sold separately as an upgrade kit for the AIO iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX, which allows us to upgrade our model to a digital screen at a single stroke for a small price.

CPU compatibility

Unsurprisingly, these H ELITE LCDs feature the industry’s highest compatibility for both Intel and AMD sockets. This means that we can install any of these AIOs in:

  • Intel LGA 1700, LGA 115x and LGA 2066.
  • AMD AM4 and sTRX4.

The company does not indicate the maximum TDP that each AIO supports, but in any case when the HEDT range comes into play we can expect optimal cooling for CPUs over 200 watts.

Availability and prices ELITE LCD

According to CORSAIR, this H ELITE LCD series is currently available for purchase as well as the ML RGB ELITE fans at the main retailers and distributors in our country as well as on the CORSAIR website, but it must be specified that this only occurs for AIOs and Fans .

The screen although it is available for sale can only be obtained in the company’s web store in Europe or the USA and therefore it will not be in stores. The prices on the other hand, we do have them available in their entirety, although in dollars as MSRP logically:

  • H100i ELITE LCD -> $ 259.99
  • H150i ELITE LCD -> $ 289.99
  • H170i ELITE LCD -> $ 309.99
  • CORSAIR iCUE ELITE CPU Cooler LCD Display Upgrade Kit -> $ 99.99

As for the fans, they will be offered either individually or in the classic three-pack with controller included:

  • One 120mm fan -> $ 34.99
  • Twin Pack Lightning Node CORE Triple 120mm -> $ 109.99
  • One 140mm fan -> $ 39.99
  • Twin Pack Lightning Node Core Double 140mm -> $ 99.99

Regarding warranties, the AIO H ELITE LCDs are backed by a 5-year warranty, while the ML RGB ELITE fans and the ELITE LCD upgrade kit have two years, both being limited as usual in the industry.

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