Corsair keyboard and mouse up to 44% off

We bring you a great keyboard and mouse combo that will delight video game fans. Specifically, we bring you a Corsair keyboard and mouse which are the best on the market. The keyboard features low-profile mechanical switches and the mouse features a weight adjustment system, both with up to a 44% discount.

We have, on the one hand, the Corsair K60 RGB PRO Low Profile which is based on Cherry MX Low Profile SPEED switches, which makes it more compact. The mouse is the Corsair M65 Elite RGB, which has an optical sensor and a weight system that allows you to adjust the weight.

Corsair M65 Elite RGB, the best for shooter

Mice have come a long way, with solutions for all types of users and for all types of games. This Corsair mouse is specially designed for shooter and FPS games. One of its strengths is that it has an adjustable weight system, something that allows it to adapt to our tastes.

This mouse stands out for having a optical sensor high precision with a capacity of up to 18,000 DPI. We are talking about a professional cut sensor with a pixel-by-pixel tracking precision adjustment. It integrates a surface calibration system, which allows the sensor to adapt to the mat and thus offer the best precision.

The chassis of this mouse is made of aerospace aluminum which gives it lightness, durability and robustness. It has a weight adjustment system that allows not only to adjust the final weight, but also the gravity. So we can adapt it to our needs.

This mouse has omron switches of high quality that have a resistance of more than 50 million pulsations. It has a precisely placed sniper button to reduce sensitivity at crucial moments. All eight buttons on this mouse are programmable, allowing customization or assignment of macros.

Possibly the best mouse we can find on the market for shooter and FPS. It has weight adjustment, customization through various RGB lighting zones and we can adapt the different buttons to our needs.

Corsair K60 RGB PRO Low Profile, compact but high performance

We did acquire a high quality and precision mouse, what less than having a keyboard to match. Corsair offers mice that are excellent and an example is this one that concerns us. It has a more compact design when using Low profile mechanical switches.

The first thing that stands out about this K60 RGB PRO keyboard is that it makes use of the switches Cherry MX Speed ​​Low Profile. These mechanical switches have a lower height, allowing for lower keyboards. Are linear switches with an activation travel of 1.0 mm, so they are faster than other types of switches. In addition, these switches offer a life of more than 100 million keystrokes.

To give it great resistance, the chassis is made of aluminum, which makes it very resistant. Has a brushed aluminum cover Black anodized for a stylish design. The switches are installed superficially, thus facilitating cleaning.

This keyboard has individual RGB lighting per key that we can customize to taste. The Corsair iCUE software It allows us to customize the RGB lighting according to our taste and has several effects available.

A keyboard that is designed for gamers who want excellent precision. It makes use of the best mechanical keyboard switches with a short actuation travel.

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