CORSAIR keyboards at an all-time low price with these offers

It seems that brands want to get ahead of the Black Friday that the stores put, because lately we are seeing some offers that, as is this case, are going to hit a record low several times this year. And it is that Amazon and CORSAIR have put on offer the K55 RGB PRO XT and the K70 RGB MK.2 at prices that… It is impossible to say no, but they will only last for a short time.

Why choose a good keyboard for our PC?

There is nothing like a good keyboard. The sound, the touch, the aesthetics, the personalization and the sensations are the greatest that we are going to experience daily and logically it is one of the most important peripherals of any PC, if not the most. Therefore, choosing well is always synonymous with later satisfaction and that is why today we bring you two magnificent offers for you to enjoy with these two great keyboards.

Neither of them needs introductions as such, since they are widely known in the gaming world, but let’s review to know for sure what we are talking about.



Without a doubt, the K70 RGB MK.2 eIt’s one of CORSAIR’s flagship keyboards for many reasons. In the first place, it is positioned within the high-end of the market, and this implies the option of choosing the switches that it integrates.

In this offer and if we want to submit to it, only the MX Blue, which are the least “gaming” mechanisms of all the selectable ones. Not that they are not suitable, but for those who are really fast due to their internal two-part mechanism, an unwanted double press could occur.

We are talking about really competitive and high-level players, which could require simpler and faster switches like RED. But for the average user who writes a lot, either for chat or for work, they are perfect, since it is the middle point to play and work. We do not forget the rest of the features of this keyboard:

  • Anodized brushed aluminum frame.
  • 8 MB of memory to save profiles.
  • USB PassThough.
  • Multimedia controls.
  • RGB

Today’s offer lowers its price by a surprising 29% to stay in 119.99 euros, historical minimum price.



A little over a month ago we talked about this keyboard on sale, where at that time it also touched a historical minimum price. Well, today he has beaten it again and in an impressive way, since now it is offered with a 38% off to stay in 49.99 euros.

The characteristics have not changed logically, so we still have the same RGB backlighting with ten effects per iCUE, 6 dedicated macro keys for gaming, a design resistant to dust and liquid spills that keeps the keyboard and of course the volume keys protected. and multimedia.


In addition, it has a removable hard wrist rest as well as a very comfortable feeling when writing thanks to its independent membranes.

Both offers are available for a limited time or while supplies last, so run for your new keyboard!

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